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Breakup | Kal Aaj Aur Kal

It was the third bottle of Budweiser she was gulping down, sitting near her granny’s feet and playing “Best of Sad Hindi Love Songs” on her iPhone 6s. Now, there wasn’t a thing she could see clearly after innumerable streams of tears had rolled down her cheeks having originated through her now swollen eyes.

"Oh no, not again! One more breakup?" asked granny trying to suppress her laughter.

As the sound of sobbing increased the granny took her out in the balcony.

“Your relationships are so brittle, they breakup like chalks. Don't give me that look. This is your third breakup, right?”

“Fourth!” The sobbing increased again.

“Oh dear” the granny couldn’t stop being amused.

“Don’t take what I’m saying seriously. After all I’m just a grumpy old woman. Who am I to tell your generation what you should do? You all are smart enough.

Each one of you is talking so much all the time that no one has the time to listen to what the other is saying. Being online, texting constantly and still your relations fail to grow?

Trust is lost over silly reasons which you take to extremes sometimes fuelled by the silly Bollywood blockbusters and pathetic songs. Love happens on the first day, you go for a movie on the second and on the third day you are already listening to Ankit Tiwari’s “Sun raha hain na tu…” and drowning your “gum” in that bottle of budwem... what's that called???

“Budweiser. But granny what’s my fault…”

Do you see it? Even now you are not letting me complete. I’m not your guide or philosopher – I don’t have that authority. All I have is my own experience – no self-help love guides.

There was a time I was away from your grandpa for an entire year when I was completing my graduation after marriage. We wrote on a post card once a month. Things were not easy then – we couldn’t afford a phone call. Not that our longing to meet and see each other was any less. That one year taught us both something which no amount advice or counseling could ever.

Relations are not like job hunting or window shopping. You go after them like crazy. It takes time to grow and evolve.

It's doesn’t take time to text "It's over!" but difficult to accept the other and embrace the person completely as he or she is.

Your have cultivated the taste of “quick and instant”. Not your fault – it’s the way your environment is. I listen to boys and girls on their smart phones many times during my evening walks and it seems really funny - "I'm just like that! Take it or leave it."

Everyone is trying to live in their inner compartment and at the same time share it with someone they want without even a slight change. Differences are bound to happen when two minds and hearts meet. The fun is in accepting and enjoying them. Your phones are getting smarter each day – it’s time your relations become more sensitive and sensible with them.

Even I have acted like a fool during my early days – when I felt insecure. Sometimes it is not that you are running away from the other after a breakup – it’s running away from yourself, trying to cover up the insecurities inside and bloated hurt egos. And this doesn’t mean banging your head against a wall by being in a relation just for the sake of it when it doesn’t work.

Who am I to tell you all this? Maybe you are meddling up people and things. There's so much available for your entertainment that unknowingly you may end up thinking of relations in the same line.

Being together may not seem to make much difference today when you are independent, earning
well, and young. Being together may not reduce the number of problems you would face. It will definitely make half the worries and double the strength.

Stop your ttyl madness. Don't donate your tears and money this way to these sadness propagating singers and beer companies.
Go ttyl: talk to your love.

End of Story

So, what's your choice?
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