26 Sep 2016

Storytelling | The Mirror and Moustache

When was the last time you looked into a mirror? Maybe few moment or hours back.

What if striving for one glance in a mirror becomes a boy’s mission? And what happens when the boy finally looks into the mirror?

Here's a narration of my entry, The Mirror and Moustache, for the Tata Lit Live 2016: SoundCloud link

Hit the Vote button on this link, if you like it: (Voting open upto 2nd October)

Read & Vote: http://wshe.es/fbZSAYd8

- हेरंब

25 Sep 2016

The Last Nomad, My Debut Novella is Live!

It's been a year since I first thought of publishing something apart from short stories.

Finally it's here - my debut novella, The Last Nomad published by Partridge India.

I'm sure this story will take you to places within, long forgotten. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Get your copy on Pothi.com(Softback) and Amazon (Kindle) 

Add it on your shelf and don't forget to share your thoughts on Goodreads

It is a really special birthday for me.

Thanks to all those who made this dream come true: : Shailesh Vatsaraj, Sonal Trivedi Athnikar, Shamitha Vokkaliga, Chintan Girish Modi, Ankur Chakravarty, Arvind Sukhathankar, Sheela Wagle, Chetan Asodekar, Vinay Desai and Partridge India

Happy to present the first copy of The Last Nomad to Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni - one of my favourite contemporary screenplay writer and director.Thank you Umesh!

- हेरंब

18 Sep 2016

Poem: To Be Blessed

No matter what you name the relation
To be blessed is to dissolve in someone

Someone who embraces you with all your savagery
And floods you with more goodness than you could desire

This is one thing we all will be led to
Beggar or emperor

Is there something more we can ask life for?
Wise it is to break your cocoon when life starts loving

- हेरंब

16 Sep 2016

The Mirror and Moustache | My Entry for Tata Lit Live 2016

Here's my entry for Tata Lit Live 2016, The Mirror and Moustache - http://wshe.es/fbZSAYd8 Hope you enjoy the story. Do vote(by clicking on the link below) if you feels it deserves to reach out to more readers. Voting beings September 26. If this entry is selected, I will get a chance to read it at the Seventh edition of the International Mumbai Literary Festival. Thanks!

- हेरंब

9 Sep 2016

A Love Story | Cigarette

She was brought back into the present with sudden start of the bus.

Her eyes happened to notice the peculiar shape of the co-passenger's belly region. She was more convinced of her belief after seeing the manner in which the accompanying man's fingers were carefully wrapped around the lady's shoulder - the lady was pregnant.

Through the smoke she was inhaling, it seemed for a moment as if he was around. "I would stop smoking when we are expecting...," she had promised him.

But he was gone, 4 months back. Her fingers crushed the burning cigarette in the extinguisher.

This story is a part of the Untold Stories of Love.
These are not-so-pink love stories, not the happily-lived-ever-after ones. Here are stories that talk about love as is; no cosmetics.

Get your copy: http://imojo.in/e3bvzp
Hope you enjoy it.

- हेरंब