Who is Heramb Sukhathankar?

Who Am I?

Born in a "middle class family" (I still do not understand what is a middle class family), I was another ordinary boy who scored quite good in exams. And as usual my family and (obviously some relatives) expected (read as wanted) me to join Computer Engineering or some similar IT career (IT careers are very well marketed then & even now!)

But alas! I didn't succeed in meeting their dreams (as the participants in Indian reality shows say). Fate had something else in mind.

With my mind engaged in a number of things (music, graphic designing and animation, computer science, literature, the list is endless & super exciting...) I decided to continue with my college education (the plan was it would be give me more time to decide "what I really wanted to do in life". And mind it, today I can say this is the most important thing one should work towards knowing)

I was writing poems and stories in college magazines and freelancing for some newspapers as the opportunities presented themselves. Later I started freelancing for website content and some blogs, submitted poems to Kritya​, an international journal of poetry publishing contemporary Indian & world poetry, some poems to ThreeLinePoetry(Yay! I won a $ there) and of course the most exciting work I got to do was for Success Stories (now Brainprick)​. Yes, I passed through all my exams with "Good" grades and continued with my post graduation in Computer Science (really, I swear no terms kept)

2 years back when I started writing my blog insightstories.in, I never thought someone apart from me will come to read the posts. There was no purpose when the first story was written, only a longing to share whatever I write with the people around.

Jokes apart, the roots of writing can be traced back to my grandfather (Plans to publish the archive of his works online are in the pipeline) who contributed his poems and stories in many Marathi magazines since 1940’s, some aired on All India Radio - Marathi and in a lighter vein, my great grandmother who wrote pickle and starter recipes in her diary.

Some say I express well in few words, I write beautiful, inspiring, lovely poems, short, precise and deep, insightful stories with sublte touch of humour, lovely quotes. I'm glad I could add a moment of happiness to their life. (Seriously! You can check my Facebook page Insight Stories​; they have said the same exact words)

Now I exactly know the purpose why I should write: to meet more people and add a moment of joy in their lives.
How many? 10,000+ by September '16. (Ah!  This means more work: writing novels, short stories, quotes, screenplays, script writing, graphic novel <yes I’m learning sketching>, drama, historical fiction, legends, biographies, historical non-fiction and much more in addition to my day time job as an Instructional Designer)

My self published English novella, The Last Nomad, is now live! (Cheers!)

Ofcourse, I do not expect winning a Pulitzer or a Man Booker Prize or Sahitya Akademi award.
Well who knows, maybe it is written.

Till then would love to connect with  you on Twitter @insightstories
Chirp Chirp!

Picture clicked at Blog Now, Live Forever, Mumbai organised by Indiblogger. In the picture with me is Christoph, a recognised content marketing expert and Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015, IMA
Read more about #BNLF '15

At Social Media Week Mumbai. Read takeaways from the workshop on Writing for the Web.

My interest include:

R.K.Narayan: The wordsmith from malgudi
Paulo Coelho: A common man's uncommon journey

Visual Arts
A Common Man called R.K.Laxman
5 great painters from India
Satyajit Ray: A song of the little road

Mukul Shivputra: The unplucked sound
Breathing a song: Bobby Mcferrin
A rahMan and his magical fingers

Why you should pursue your passion now
How to awaken your creative genius
Emotionalligence: Emotion or Intelligence
Waiting to get inspired?
Mangala Narlikar: The journey of an informal mathematician
Leonardo Da Vinci: Flight of the Phoenix

Full Minds, Empty Words

The man who never went to the sea
The Forgotten Spaces
and more.

Is there something I can write for you? Get in touch on connectinsight@gmail.com or let's connect on Twitter(@insightstories)

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