28 Dec 2014

Two Poems

Here are two poems beautifully keyed-in by my little brother, Upkar.
Hope you enjoy these :)


I may not be fun
But I tell you, Iam as Iam !
Although you may care none

A teen I am, young at heart
Curious, talented and smart
But not in your eyes

Coz I don't fit into your notions
Of being expensive and cheap
I live in my own world
One of dignity and virtue deep
But not in your eyes

In your eyes
I am a very stupid one
Coz by hook or by crook
You know to get your things done
But I do not

I remain standing
Bolted to the ground
My virtuousness and integrity bind me there
This is what I have found

But I want to remind you
That if you ever feel sick
Of the phoney muck
You have gathered around

Worry not, you will find me
At the same place
Because I am standing there itself
Bolted to the ground


I pray...
On this Christmas day I pray
For a world
With a little less work and a little more play

For a world
With a little more smiles and a little less frowns
With lesser metros and more towns

For a world
With a little less indifference and a little more compassion
Lesser cruelty and greater consideration

For a world
With a little less suspicion and a little more trust
Lesser deceit and actions just

For a world
With a little less vanity and a little more modesty
Greater responsibility and lesser frivolity

For a world
With a little less brain and a little more heart
Lesser of science and more of art

For a world
With a little less disparity and a little more equality
Lesser of gluttony and more of charity

For a world
With a little less darkness and a little more light
And a conscience to guide us
To do what is right.

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