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Self-published writers and authors can also sell books as Amazon Sellers

Three reasons why you shouldn't miss Om Raut's Prabhas starrer Adipurush

पुस्तक परिचय | मनवा, लेखक: पु. शी. रेगे.

पुस्तक परिचय: डॉ. प्रकाश आमटे लिखित 'रानमित्र'

मराठी कविता: परिमळ

Future Fairy Tale by Valentino Gasper [Book Summary]

Short story 'Straight Lines' selected among the Top 22 for the Notion Press Fiction Collective!

Read my short story for Notion Press National Writing Competition 2022

मराठी कविता: बाप गेल्यावर

My winning poem 'Old Leaves' is now available in Notion Press anthology

Unimportant | Walking without footprints