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The Day I met Myself

It was as if I was scattered before With each moment dragging me behind in the sands of time Trying to find myself in those faltering steps I was losing my sanity in the wishes of mind The day we met I am sure I found something Now, I want to lose myself in those eyes Only to find who I truly am Listen to Tu Mera Dil Nusrat Sahab Ankit Tiwari

The Street Corner

The way he thought of things around him, made everyone believe he was out of his mind. He was in love with life. Every moment lost in his ecstasy. They called him a fakir or the man who had left everything behind. But he was among the few who had found what each one of us is searching for all our life – the meaning of life. With nothing around him, and those around hurrying, struggling and fighting for silly things, he sat on the street corner watching each new timeless moment passing by. listen to Timeless  by The Airborne Toxic Event