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People, not things

Adrien was enjoying a high profile life as an investment banker. He had everything he dreamt of: a chateau, a yacht and his dream car – the Lamborghini. But that day his housemaid found him unnaturally quiet. “What is it monsieur?” she asked. “I have been wrong Aimee. It is people I should have connected, not things I collected.” - heramb Enjoy this weekend with Can You Hear Me by Poets of the Fall  Lyrics: here

Things We Love

This was the 1st girl he had fallen in love with. In these 28 years. Yes, the 1st. "You fool, then why don't you speak to her? Go and tell her." asked his friend. "We shouldn't hold everything we love. Some are fragile. Just let'em be." he said. Listen to: Cradled in Love by PoetsofTheFall