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Insight Quotes: on Independence

"Independence is in understanding our Inter-dependence"

Two Fishes in a Puddle

Two tiny red fishes were staying in a puddle. It was a big big world for them. To one, it seemed that the puddle is all there is. It was quite satisfied and felt settled in there. But the other was endlessly restless. He grew tired of it in a few days and was longing to see if there’s anything more than this puddle. One fine morning,

Insight Quotes: on Passion

“PASSION is a fragrance which  nothing can contain"

Insight Quotes: Children, Grown-ups and Love

"Every child doesn’t NEED THINGS  he NEEDS deep love and things can be a small way of expressing it when things become THE thing we have grown-ups  gone wrong"

Insight Quotes: on Friendship

"Friendship is not something we plan and what we plan is not friendship"

Insight Quotes: on Money and Certificate

"Learning FOR a certificate and working FOR money  are the best ways  to deceive ourselves"

The Power of Unlearning

Two school friends, Wise Friend (Wi-Fri) and Intelligent Friend (I-Fri) are having a chat. Wi-Fri: How do you learn a subject at school? I-Fri:  We relate words with a happening or an event in order to understand it. Wi-Fri: Like? I-Fri:  Sugar tastes sweet, chilly tastes pungent, the Sun rises and sets. Later we do this with more complicated terms like gravity and so on. Wi-Fri: Does everybody “understand” it? Not remember the words, like the computer does, I mean “really” understand? I-Fri: Hmm... I don’t think so. Wi-Fri: What makes you say that?