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द आंत्रप्रन्योर: शरद तांदळे [पुस्तक ओळख]

उद्योजकता या विषयावरील पुस्तकांना सुमार नाही. पण हे पुस्तक फार वेगळं आहे कारण यात निव्वळ success stories न मांडता किंवा तात्विक चर्चा न करता लेखक शरद तांदळे यांनी त्यांच्या आजवरच्या आयुष्याचा लेखाजोखा वाचकांपुढे ठेवला आहे. पुस्तकातील प्रत्येक नवीन प्रकरणात आयुष्यातील नवीन संघर्षाची कहाणी मांडली आहे. (Image Courtesy: ) शून्यातून विश्व उभं करणे हे जर तुम्ही आजवर निव्वळ ऐकलं असेल तर लेखकाचं आयुष्य हे एक उत्तम उदाहरण आहे . उद्योजकता म्हणजे केवळ श्रीमंत होण्यासाठीची दौड नसून नवीन काहीतरी घडवण्याची एक रचनात्मक प्रक्रिया आहे हे या पुस्तकातून सध्या सोप्या भाषेत पुन्हा पुन्हा व्यक्त होतं. त्यामुळेच लेखक एका उद्योजकापेक्षा आपला मित्र जास्त वाटू लागतो. लेखकाचा हा प्रवास जरी विस्मयचकित करून सोडणारा असला तरी प्रत्येक प्रकरणाच्या शेवटी आपल्याला पुन्हा जमिनीवर आणून वास्तविकतेचं भान दिल्याशिवाय राहत नाही. आजवर वाचलेल्या प्रेरणादायी पुस्तकातून आपल्या आयुष्यात निष्फळ ठरलेले प्रयत्न फार कमी लेखक उघडपणे  मांडताना दिसले. परंतु या पुस्तकाने ही प्रथा  मोडीत काढून अपयशाच्या भीतीवर मात कशी करावी

Dushtachakra by Mandar Walimbe [Book Review]

Concepts in any culture are the easiest forms to be distorted in the absence of right perspective of studying and using them. One such concept, very much prevalent in many cultures (Hindu, Jain and Buddhist), is Brahmacharya, which is loosely (and incompletely) translated as celibacy. Dushtachakra (दुष्टचक्र - Marathi Edition) explores the concept of Brahmacharya through the diverse perspectives of Sexology and Ayurveda. With the rise of popular media channels and independent content creators, misconceptions about health and sex education are rampant. With no guidance from individuals who have dedicated their lives to building science exploring health and wellbeing, youth often fall into the trap of believing and following popular notions which turn out detrimental to their health.  So, what's the way out? Start at the place where you are. Do not believe but observe, study, and practise. And this is what author Mandar Walimbe's book will help you chart out. What's reassurin

The Empty Bucket [Story]

This happened long long ago. One day, Mr.Alpha had a wonderful idea while swimming at the beach. If he could carry back few pails of water and sand, he could build his personal beach, right outside his house. Thrilled with excitement, he ran to fetch the necessary tools. Mr. Beta, soaking in the sun, was watching this with great curiousity. Mr. Alpha arrived with a handcart which had a shovel and few pails. After doing a couple of rounds he collected enough sand and water to create his personal beach. Seeing the effort, Mr.Beta was left even more amused. He looked at the sun, the sky, the unending sea and wondered, why do we ignore the abundance that life offers and build small puddles of comfort. Listen to the audio version: - The Last Nomad Check out books from the Insight Stories webstore.

An Introduction to Archaeology by Prof. H.D.Sankalia [Book Review]

While we often hear that dwelling in the past can be detrimental to living in the present, reading this book can get you addicted to explore our past, i.e. history of humans.  Although the title may seems highly technical (or maybe boring) the book, on the contrary, is like reading a detective novel. Introduction to Archaeology, was first published under the 'History of Man' series by the Department of Archaeology, University of Poona and the Deccan College in 1965.  Covering multiple aspects related to human civilization, through the lens of archaeology, the book gets straight to the heart of the subject without much dependence on technical jargon. The view that Archaeology lies at the convergence of humanities and sciences (natural and applied) is very well demonstrated.   In fact, one can say that the book is a must read for every person, irrespective of the educational background and age, who is curious to explore the 'story of man' as stated aptly by the author, Pr

Akki discovers love | Valentine's Day Special [Story]

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels Akki was crazy about plants. If it were possible, he would fill every spot in the house with these green beings. Thanks to his mother who kept the calamity at bay but Akki wasn't the one to easily give up his passion. 'Look maa, the papaya seeds have sprouted!' shouted Akshay, rushing straight to his mother and dragging her to the balcony. 'What papaya? Oh my god! You father will drive us out along with the pots. But when did you sow these?' 'Last week, after we ate the papaya, I dropped them here while everyone was watching the TV,' he giggled. 'You shouldn't try to grow a tree inside a pot. It needs good soil and plenty of space.' 'It'll grow here. Please don't throw it, maa.' 'Of course not but first, you promise me to plant it somewhere once it becomes a sapling.' 'Ok maa,' he replied with hesitation. With Akki engrossed in his everyday activities, weeks passed by in a flash until

The Zen Master Who Walked on Water [Story]

Once upon a time, two young monks set out in search of a Zen master. The master, living few villages away, was known to have mystical powers. He could walk on water, fly above the clouds and even turn into thin air at will.  The young monks wanted to become someone special by achieving the state of enlightenment. When they reached the old master's hut on top of the hill, they were tired and frustrated. The road was rocky and the climb too steep. They wondered how the old master would travel up and down everyday.  Not wanting to waste more time, they approached the master and told him about their quest. The master replied that as he was to leave on his secret sojourn, they will have to wait for 12 years to learn something from him. One of the monks was irritated on hearing that. He immediately took his baggage and left. As the old master left, the other monk, who was wondering what he should do next, decided to wait at the hill for a couple of days.  The monk would do his daily chor

Death: An Inside Story by Sadhguru [Book Review]

Death: An Inside Story By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev No matter which nationality, faith, belief, profession or gender we identify ourselves with, the only certainty that stands unchallenged is that we are all going to die. And the year 2020 has been a strong revelation of this fact. Few days ago, I started reading the popular book 'Death: An Inside Story' by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, which is an undertaking to explore the realm of death and the various concepts associated with it. A word of caution before you start reading the book: no matter how fantastic, crazy, or tempting it may seem to accept what has been written, it is upto each one of us to discover it for ourselves as the author himself highlights this in the book and elsewhere. The content may come across as highly unsettling and depressing but one must take in as much possible in one reading for the effort to be worthwhile. Some concepts may seem to be in congruence with traditional and popular beliefs in India but the nar

Poem | Lap of time

If body-mind is the bastion your proudly claim How did you miss the breath which silently arrives through hidden gates? Singing the legend of time it gives more than you can imagine Until one day it abandons your riches and the bastion crumbles in the lap of time - The Last Nomad Check out books from the Insight Stories webstore.