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Poem: Fire

In the light of the night They saw the fire In the eyes of the beast Staring through the dark bushes Gleaming with passion not fear Unbudged by spears and arrows In that moment, he spoke without a word And all they did was paint him on the wall - The Last Nomad

When I have time: Amazon Pen to Publish 2019 entry

My new short story, When I have time, is now an official entry for the Pen to Publish 2019! Read it on Kindle for free (Kindle Unlimited): Do share your review on Amazon! #kindleunlimited #pentopublish2019 #whenIhavetime - The Last Nomad

The Last Nomad: Book release at Jaipur Art Summit 2019

"Not all things experienced can be understood. Not all things understood can be expressed." A couple of years back when I started writing this story, there was no specific goal in view. The joy of writing was strong enough to keep one at the desk. But the day I finished it, I wanted to be done with publishing it and move on to the other stories lingering in my mind. I was too patient to approach traditional publishing houses and wait for years to be finally published (probably with a manuscript that didn't look like mine anymore!). Self-publishing was the way out. Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP), and local book printers helped me deliver The Last Nomad to its readers. With no intention of competing with the established distributors and marketers, I witnessed the book choose its readers, one by one. Relying on the online release and word of mouth, who had the faintest idea that a single story would take me on this journey? I humbly invite you