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Tears are Good

Tears are good in love They help you see your love clear Washing away cobwebs from the mind Teach you to love without fear. When clouds of doubt Cover the land of love, making things unclear Any every breath is like a Wandering deer. Tears roll out Clearing the channels of bliss Flooding your cheeks Where your lover plants a lovely kiss Blessed you are If you can from your heart Because that life’s chance To love again before your lover departs. listen to Cradled in Love by P.O.T.F picture courtesy: bcor from

The Broken Mirror

Ibrahim lived in the city of mirrors, Shahar-e-Aaina. Famous for catering to the taste and whims of the princely of seeing their own image and adoring it every day, the city of mirrors as goes its name, was a large marketplace of mirrors. But truth is always stranger than fiction. Beyond just the mirrors, in the realm of magic lay the special mirrors, which only the chosen ones could create. Ibrahim was one such craftsman. After having created mirrors which always showed the good image, which everyone desired, no matter how nasty they behaved in reality. Caught in his trap for the past 40 years, Ibrahim was lost every day in looking at his good image day and night and added disharmony in his family. His love, Abeeda, was with him yet alone for these 40 years. Not that they wouldn’t talk or something. Every day, Ibrahim would ask her what she wished to buy. But that was not she had married Ibrahim for. In this business of mirrors and money, she had lost the Ibrahim