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Poem: Little Wings

Wriggling and crawling, emerging from an insignificant egg Disgusting as bird poop, you began moving over the branches Fearful like a miniature monster, you chomped off fresh lime leaves One morning, in the guise of a leaf hanging upside down You began to wither as if death would arrive anytime soon In the stillness of dull days that went by The lime tree bore an odd flower, called butterfly
- The Last Nomad
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Break Your Chains by Dr.Shruti Jamkhedkar | Words Can Heal

A baby elephant in a zoo struggles a lot to break free from the iron chains, tries hard to remove the constraints in his movement and struggles for freedom. The baby elephant being small, less powerful than a grown up elephant, is not always successful in his attempts.
But do you really think an adult elephant, the largest land mammal cannot break that chain! Then what is it that stops him from trying one more time to break the chain, to achieve what he always wanted?
He, as a baby, believed that he CANNOT break the iron chain. How much ever he tries, his efforts will go in vain, as they did when he was young and etched a lot of pain. He grows up believing that his attempts are of no use and he stops trying.
BUT, he hardly knows that NOW he has the ability, capability, and strength to break the chains. Regardless of his ability, he is held back by his old false belief and he stops trying in the present, when now the goal is realistically achievable.
We too, at times are chained mentally li…

Life (or death?) by Anu Shah | Words Can Heal

Life is all about death...nothing in life is permanent but death is. We are born because we are going to die someday and if death wouldn't be the end point then we wouldn't have been born... Life is nothing but advancement or a slow journey towards death which is the only evident thing. Life is mysterious but death resolves all the mysteries. 
Life is complex, full of surprises, struggles, highs and lows, and entirely unpredictable whereas death is like pole star: stark and shining brightly even in the mist. You can't miss it. It was and will be there guiding you all along towards the destination which is inevitable. There are no struggles after death. Death is concrete and certain. Death gives assurance of being liberated from the state of being imprisoned by life. With life comes inconstancy and we are enslaved by the perfidious and vexed emotions.
Life demands understanding of things, people etc. Whereas death is self-explanatory and doesn't demand any understanding. …

Sinking by Anu Shah | Words Can Heal

I am sinking Low, low, and deep I hear her voice and I try to peep But I am sinking  from where I can't come back I wanted to tell her, don't be afraid I will rise again She believes in phoenix but she is scared Our eyes met and we both saw the pain we endured I saw her through  the slits of my eyes and I told her this is just my reverie which I'll wake up from is my promise Now she smiles at me  holding me with a grip, Grip with promise of  not letting me go She found her phoenix her own phoenix
–Anu Shah
This poem was published as a part of the 'Words Can Heal' series. You too can participate and explore your creative side. To know more, read this blog post.

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Face of time | Words Can Heal

Accidentally I saw today Through the open balcony door Rain drops trickling from the roof On the shivering faded neem leaves Streams of water, as white as milk Pouring for hours from the grey skies And then I noticed a strange sight A pitch-black crow, sitting alone on rooftop Completely soaked, yet staring in the void As if seeing the face of time
- The Last Nomad 
This poem was published as a part of the 'Words Can Heal' series. You too can participate and explore your creative side. To know more, read this blog post.
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Words Can Heal | Publish Your Story

All it takes is a couple of words, to make or break our minds.
Language drives us in ways we cannot totally understand.
A word of love and joy elevates us.
A cuss word crashes our soaring minds.
Starting today, share the story of conversations that made your life bright. Audio/video stories will be published on YouTube/TheLastNomadGet your longish posts/articles published on Use the hashtag #wordsheal in your Instagram/Facebook posts. Feel free to tag me @thelastnomadindia.  Send your articles, audio/video stories to
Rules: Entry fee: Nil. If you like, you can share this post with your friends. :)
Language: Any Indian language or English. For articles, audio, or video stories in languages other than English, Hindi, and Marathi, a translation/summary in English is required. Let's celebrate our diversity. 
Blog post Word limit: 500 words
Audio/video story Duration: Not more than 4 minutes Please leave the audio/video recording on for 5-6 seconds be…

'Need of the hour': Book review by Vijaya Bhanu Kote

I have been into social networking for the past 12 years. From the days of Orkut and Minglebox till date where everything is like a miracle or everything is like things happening like a swift sway of the magic wand. The 12 year journey made me evolve as a human being. Set many examples in front of my brains eye. These 12 years gave me lot of insights where I happened to learn many things and made wonderful like-minded friends who in the course of time emerged into the members of my own family. Social media leveled me to cope up with my knowledge, build strong professional bonds, aided in my experiment and practice of Heutagogy too. Are these advantages of social networking I am talking about? May be yes…but the underlying element is that being sane and thoughtful in social networking can actually aid in evolving.
I am deeply humbled to be asked to write a review of this short, crisp and implementable book that Heramb has authored, named “7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media”. This i…

Book review by Neeraja on 'Books Through the Lens'

Thank you Neeraja for this review and featuring it on BooksThroughTheLens.

Book Review7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media by Heramb Sukhathankar ------------------------------------- Essence: A guide to optimal, effective and productive use of time on social media ------------------------------------- Inspiration: Today we live in the age of digital revolution. The lockdown in the past few months due to the pandemic has taken digitalization to a whole new level with even technology shy people struggling with their smart phones and kids attending their online schools. Social media has helped during these days keeping people closer and helping reduce the loneliness. However, too much of anything is never good, and abuse of social media is the new social evil. ------------------------------------- Summary: This book is written with the intention of helping readers not only optimize their time on social media but also use these apps and platforms in a productive way. The book has seven chapters …

Postcard from a mother in digital age

While everyone on the web is teaching the parents how to control and restrict children's interaction on the internet and social media, here's how a mother chose to talk to her child at home.
My dear child,

It's been a long time since we sat together and talked. Although we have been confined at home due to COVID-19 since the past few months, we are hardly away from our gadgets.

Your daddy and I are busy in our work and you are busy attending the virtual class. I know TikTok has been banned and you maybe feeling bored. With no friends to meet, no outings, and movement restricted to this house, I am sure you may be even hating this period of rest.

I am not telling you to stop using your mobile or reduce browsing. All I am saying is no matter how many people follow or unfollow you, we will be there for you. There are times when everyone feels lonely. Don't try to ignore that feeling by switching to your mobile. Come and talk to us. Until this dark night ends and you meet you…

Iskool not that cool: a dig at formal education

Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, I have been watching the efforts and struggle of teachers and well as students to adopt to this new experience of digital/distance/technology-enabled/virtual/any-other-funky-name-you-want education. For those who believe technology can transform the learning experience, like a magic wand, I would like to wish them luck. However, no matter which subject, the learning experience will largely depend on how well the teacher can adapt and teach as per the needs and capacities of the class. And technology is the last block in this puzzle.
Formal education has been a fun(?) experience for me. But before we take a dig at that serious world, let's get a little serious. 
The word 'education' is derived from the Latin 'educe' which means 'bring out or develop (something latent or potential)'. Have you experienced this sense of 'development' in your formal education or was it totally opposite? I think I was always AWAY when t…

Nominated for TCK Publishing's 2020 Reader's Choice Awards

Excited to inform you that '7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media' has been nominated for TCK Publishing's 2020 Reader's Choice Awards.

To help this book reach more readers, you can vote for it online. 
How to vote?
Visit the voting page: Down to locate the listed books. Click -> (forward arrow) to find the Self-help category page.

Finally, scroll down to locate the book '7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media' and Click on the entry to register your vote. 

Thank you!  #tckpublishing #ReadersChoiceAwards2020
Thank you TCK Publishing!

- The Last Nomad

'सोशल मीडिया' या विषयावर नवीन पुस्तक का लिहिले?

सध्याचे कोविड-१९ चे दिवस म्हणजे ‘वायरल’ या शब्दाला एक वेगळाच अर्थ प्राप्त झालेला काळ. नोवेल कोरोनावायरस बरोबर अनेक गोष्टी ‘वायरल’ झाल्या. 
अशा या अत्यंत अनिश्चिततेच्या काळात, जेव्हा जवळ जवळ सगळ्याच देशांची पाऊले थबकली, तेव्हा दुप्पट गतीने सुरु झाला आपला आंतरजालावरचा, म्हणजेच इंटरनेटवरचा प्रवास. सगळ्या गोष्टी ऑनलाईन कशा सुरु करता येतील याकडे सगळ्यांनी कूच केली. मनोरंजन, शिक्षण, वैद्यकीय सल्ला, आरोग्यसेवा, खाद्य उद्योग आणि अशा अनेक गोष्टी बघता बघता घरपोच येऊ लागल्या.

पण या सगळ्यात समाजमाध्यमांचे, म्हणजेच सोशल मीडियाचे, एक वेगळेच रूप आपल्या समोर आले. एकंदर परिस्थितीबद्दलचा राग, द्वेष, टीका, राजकीय चर्चा(भांडणे!) यांना उधाण आले. हा सगळा भावनांचा उद्रेक होणं जरी सद्य:स्थितीत स्वाभाविक वाटलं तरी या पूर्वीही सोशल मीडियाचा उत्तम वापर नेमका कसा करायचा यावर खरच आपण विचार केला होता का? 
हे माध्यम केवळ विरंगुळ्यापुरतेच मर्यादित आहे का? की याच्या दुसऱ्या आयामांकडे आपण दुर्लक्ष केले? सोशल मीडिया या गुंतागुंतीच्या वाटणाऱ्या पण अनेक संधी असणाऱ्या विश्वात सावधपणे वावरून यशस्वी कसे होता येईल याचा सोप्पा…

Insight Stories | Web Store

What started as thoughts and poems written in moments of solitude is now a book, thanks to Writersgram Publications. Presenting Leela, a collection of quotes and poems.

Releasing on November 10, 2020 exclusively on Amazon and Writersgram. Pre-order your copy today!
Synopsis  "Poems and quotes happen in time and space but are universal. They come unannounced keeping the authors on their toes. Leela is a compilation of such playful moments.
A perfect book for casual reading, you can read and enjoy it in sequence or skim through to find your quote of the day. With quotes interspersed with poems, the author hopes to make the reader experience the joy of finding more in less." Amazon (Paperback): (Paperback and e-book): it to your Goodreads shelf: 7 Ways to Stay Sane on the Social Media
SynopsisThe COVID-19 times have given a different meaning to the word ‘viral’. In these troubli…

लेख: देवराईतील रायवळ आंबा

आज सिद्धार्त दादाची झाडांसंबंधीची फेसबुकवर पोस्ट पाहून काही महिन्यांपूर्वी घडलेल्या एका घटनेची आठवण झाली.डेक्कन कॉलेज, पुणे, येथे शिकताना भेटलेला एक मित्र म्हणजे अरुणाचल प्रदेशचा बानवांग लोसू. एके दिवशी तो मैदानात काहीतरी उपसताना दिसला. पाहिलं तर चक्क शंभरच्या वर रोपांचा ढीग! जमिनीत उगवलेलं तण म्हणून ती टाकून देण्यात येत होती पण बानवांगने ती दुसरीकडे नेऊन ठेवली. झाडांचे वेड असल्यामुळे मी ही या प्रकारात ओढला गेलो. मुळात हे करण्यामागे निदान माझा तरी कोणताच मोठा विचार नव्हता. त्या क्षणी आमचा हेतू केवळ ती रोपं जगवण्याचा होता. मुंबईसारख्या शहरात मोकळ्या जागा आणि खास करून वृक्ष लावण्यासाठी जागा यांची वानवा अनुभवल्यामुळे घरातील कुंडीपुरतेच माझे निसर्गप्रेम मर्यादित राहिले. एकदम इतकी रोपं लावण्याची संधी पाहून मी चक्क झपाटलो गेलो.साधारणपणे ती आंब्याची रोपं असल्याचे समजले पण नेमकी कोणती व्हरायटी हे समजत नव्हते. एकूण संख्या मोजल्यावर आमच्या लक्षात आले की ती चक्क २५० होती! पुढचा मागचा विचार न करताआम्ही त्यांची रोपं करण्याचे ठरवले. आमचा मित्र संजय हरगुडे याच्या मदतीमुळे २ दिवसात आम्ही सगळी रोपं तय…

Whispers: my first shortfilm

After days of procrastination, finally I made my first shortfilm. Completely shot at home and made in a single day, due to the lockdown restrictions, it was a fun experience. Hope you enjoy it.
Synopsis: In a city under complete lockdown due to a pandemic unfolding globally, a woman is busy working from home. Deserted streets and silent skies. But why is she hearing some strange whispers? She tries to chase them but its too before she realizes that a whisper can be more than just a sound.
Featuring Shamitha Vokkaliga
A film by Heramb Sukhathankar
Watch the film:

- The Last Nomad

Coming soon: Leela...poetry collection

And this time it's a collection of poems and quotes. Leela...coming soon!  

Thanks to Writersgram Publications. 
Follow @writersgrampublications @thelastnomadofficial on Instagram for updates. 
#poetrylovers #comingsoon2020 #bookcollection #poetrycollection #thelastnomad
- The Last Nomad

कविता: तू ठरवलस तर...

तू ठरवलस तर होऊ शकतोस बुद्ध, नाहीतर राहशील राजपुत्र गौतम बनून सोन्याच्या अदृश्य पिंजऱ्यात.
तू ठरवलस तर होऊ शकतो रात्रीचा दिवस, आणि थांबेल काळही त्याचा निर्लेप गाभा उघडून तुला पाहण्याकरिता.
तू ठरवलस तर होऊ शकतोस मुक्त प्रवाहाच्या लाटेतून, नाहीतर वहात जाशील निष्प्राण ओंडक्यांसारखा नशिबाला दोष देत.
तू ठरवलस तर अशक्य हा फक्त एक शब्द म्हणून उरेल, आणि प्रकाश शोधणाऱ्यांच्या हृदयात पणतीची ज्योत होऊन तेवत राहशील.
(बाबा आमटेंना समर्पित)

- The Last Nomad

Wingword Poetry Prize 2019

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that my Marathi poem, सरळसोट, has won the Wingword Poetry Prize.

Here's the recitation. Hope you enjoy it.

- The Last Nomad

Poem: Life and death in five minutes

It was the year 2020, when we did this crazy thing, Gathering on rooftops, balconies, and all places we could. To play gongs, plates, whistles and clapped for everyone who helped us survive a deathwave.
This moment did what many could not. It brought us together, different people from distinct worlds, To experience the flip of a coin. One flip and our world will change. Before we assumed our differences again, we realized we are life.

- The Last Nomad

TLN Merchandise on Writersgram

*Update: The Writersgram store in being revamped. More updates will be posted soon.
My select quotes are now available on Writersgram. With simple and elegant designs, the folks at Writersgram Publications have done a fantastic job.

A perfect match for a thoughtful moment over a cup of tea or coffee or a cool t-shirt to grace your casual moments, I hope these products will add to your :-) moments.

Here are the links:

Mug 1
Mug 2
Mug 3

T-shirt 1

T-shirt 2

T-shirts are available in 4 different sizes and 13 different colours in half/full sleeve varieties.

Cheers to thoughtful moments!

- The Last Nomad