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chota moo, BADI baat: Make it Lively

"Be sensitive to everything happening around and life becomes lively" (image courtesy: Prasad Sawant)


He had never felt like this before.  He was at peace with the honking horns, crying beggars, crazy shouting street urchins. He was cool with the public transport buses spraying him with the black talcum powder. With the sweat dripping off his brow in this humid September, he looked into the rear mirror, only to meet her eyes. …could feel his every breath going in and out …as if he was deaf to the din around him. Was this the moment he had been waiting for all this time? Should he say it? What matter are moments like this. ...moments of realization.

chota moo, BADI baat: What is Love?

"When two incomplete people feel one and complete "

Why have you changed so much?

Ben was hearing this for the umpteenth time. This time it was his old friend. Feeling that it wasn't the same Ben she knew, Shelly was disappointed after meeting him. “What made you think I would stay the same? Even you have changed, everyone does,  it’s just that you don’t realise it" remarked Ben as Shelly walked away.