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Your Story

Here are the stories shared by our readers after reading What's Your Story Story #1 Oh yes I did read that People, Not things. I agree with it. True story in my case. More than things I had shut myself in my own world. But now I have realised the importance of connecting to people. The more I connect to others the more I connect to myself too. Story #2 Well my story is...I don't know. But I keep thinking about the universe,why are we on dis earth and all. And about aliens :D And I do believe in fairy tales and magic. I believe everyone has a special power, we need to identify it.

What's your story?

We all like to believe in things we "like". It begins as children when we start believing and seeing fairies, angels and superheros. As teens we believed in everything we badly desired Our every belief is a unique story. What's your story? What did you spend all your time thinking about? I want to meet you through your story. Share your story on Life's short. Make it sweet with a story. P.S: All these stories will be posted anonymously.  Meet the enhanting storyteller Sarah Kay at TEDxEast Know more about ProjectVoice