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Thank you for your votes!

Thank you for these 50 votes! Really appreciate you taking out time to read and vote. 🙏 Poem: #majhimetro2018 - The Last Nomad

Poem: Perpetual Search

The drunkard clings to liquor, Devotee dissolves in her lord's praise, Lover tries to own his beloved, And wealthy sits atop his riches. The strong clings to might, Coward drowns in his fear, Courageous rides on the truth, And intelligent holds high his wit. Everyone's going in cycles, In search of what they claim to love. When the search comes to an end, We will be in the invisible place where it all began. - The Last Nomad

Do you like to read?

Hey there! Be a part of this study designed to understand reading habits in the changing times. (Won't take more than five minutes of your time, I promise.) Don't forget to share it with your friends. Cheers! Click this link to participate: - The Last Nomad

The Last Nomad | A Conversation

Here comes The Last Nomad to strike a conversation with you, once again. The Last Nomad is Heramb Sukhathankar's debut novella. It is receiving critical acclaim and being very well appreciated by readers. What's the book all about? See this video. To order your paperback copy,  Whatsapp/call on: +91 9594545351 Read the Kindle version this link: Kindle version Here's what the readers have to say about the book on  Goodreads . - The Last Nomad

Majhi Metro Festival is back

Majhi Metro Festival is back this year with the theme 'Art in Motion'. Happy to share with you that my poem has been approved! 😊 If you like the poem, do vote by tapping on the heart icon on this link: You can also stand a chance to win, if you can write, paint or click art in motion. - The Last Nomad