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My First Self Published Marathi Short Stories | Read Now

(Update: First edition is no longer available. The new edition will be published soon with more stories.) An excerpt from one of the stories: डिव्हायडर "आजूबाजूने वेगाने जाणाऱ्या दुतर्फा गाड्या. मधे डिव्हायडर. त्यावर तो, त्याची पेण्टिण्ग्स आणि पुस्तकं. वाऱ्यामुळे उडणारी दाढी त्याच्या टीशर्ट शी खेळत होती. कानातल्या इअरफोन्स मधे कुमार गंधर्वांच्या आवाजात कबीर गात होते, "माया महा ठग्नी हम जानी". " कथांचा जन्म कुठे आणि केव्हा होईल हे सांगणं कठीण. अशाच काही कथांनी अवेळी जन्म घेतला. या कथा "मेंढी, वॉचमन व इतर लघुकथा" या पुस्तकातून मांडताना आनंद होत आहे. मेंढी, वॉचमन व इतर लघुकथा - हेरंब महेश सुखठणकर Share your review/thoughts on the book with me on Goodreads: - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

The Fate of Mangoes

Satya had eaten mangoes long time back on a day which he could hardly remember. As he was sitting in the balcony reading the newspaper, he tried to ignore the sound of knife and the chopping board from the kitchen. He had just returned from the 25th anniversary celebration of his company, Diamond Mango Exporters. 40 years ago, he stayed with his parents in a poor neighbourhood. There was no question of eating mangoes when they could hardly afford 2 meals a day. However his mother had a tough time convincing Satya to reduce his craving for mangoes. After having tried everything from logic to coaxing, finally fate decided to help her. The next day there was a big fight in the neighbour’s house: his wife was adamant on eating mangoes forcing him to get mangoes from the market after spending whatever little savings he had. However he couldn’t make it back home alive due to an accident. But this incident worked well in favour of Satya’s mother who managed to convince him that his f

The Writer Stopped Loving Her

There was a time when being with her was all that he wanted to do. What hurts her more these days is that he doesn't bother to look at her, no matter how much ever she calls out. She lies untouched by him sitting alone in a corner of the house, bathed in dirt and dust. He says that he has found better ones than her online. She is the writer's dictionary. - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

New Year Resolution of a Writer

31st December 2015, 12:00AM "Honey, I promise to spend more time with you in the new year. No late night reading and writing, no...I meant...less of literary workshops and events. I really mean it darling!" "Aww. That's you nice of you sweet heart. I love you darling. I love you more than my life." "Love you honey!" Lights off! 2nd January 2016, 5:00PM His cell phone rings. "Hello." "Have you left??" "Left? (Thinking) Left for what, honey? I was just finishing the last chapter..." "What?!" "I'm waiting at the cafe for you and you're busy with your reading??! It hasn't been even 2 days and you forgot you New Year Resolution??!," said his loving wife, his honey, his darling. "No honey, I was just just..." There's no one at the other end of the call. He looks into the mirror. "Happy New Year, Mr.Writer!" - हेरंब Glad to share my first attempt at Ma