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Insight Quotes: Art and Science

"What is the diff. between Art and Science? Art says Experience, Science says Reason"

Insight Quotes: on Success

"SUCCESS is doing what matters with ALL our heart" read the complete story

The Man who Finished Everything

It is long time ahead in the future… Ordinary man and Common man are having a heart-to-heart. Ordinary man: My story began in the year 2013. When I was born,

Insight Quotes: More and Less

"By making someone feel LESS, how does one become MORE? Don’t we stay where we are?"

Insight Quotes: No Job is Ordinary

If we had history "teachers", who had really understood history,  we would not have spent over 1.5 trillion US dollars *  on arms every year. read the complete story *World Military Spending.

Insight Quotes: Intelligence and Ignorance

"Intelligence is seeing our own mistakes Ignorance is denying them"

I Want to Play the Perfect Note

A student of music finally found a legendary Master. Days of rigorous training passed by, but he couldn't figure out the way to express himself through his instrument. One day he went to the master, unable to contain the troubling question anymore. Student: How is it that you play precisely and  I fumble? Master: I have dropped the how. I play. By spoon feeding, the ability to discover by yourself has been destroyed. Everyone is busy telling you ‘How To’. Learning how to operate a complicated machine is a different matter, you need to know 'how'. But now-a-days everyone is telling you how to think! Only when you can think independently you hit the perfect note.

Insight Quotes: on Work

" O nly the hands which have stopped pointing fingers can start working"

The Population Problem

Rajiv and Lisa were coming home from office. Rajiv: Population has become a great problem in our country. Lisa: Yeah. I really can’t figure out where

Insight Quotes: on Smart Life

"It is smart to text LIFE as LYF, good to live LIFE as LIFE"

Insight Quotes: on Thirst

" W e will NEVER waste a drop of water only when we taste THIRST"

Caught in The Past

Common Man: Why are things always scheduled to happen in the future  in our society? Why is it always tomorrow ?

Insight Quotes: Want To 'Kill' Time?

" O nce a wise man invented something to save time They named it as wheel As time passed by, he went on inventing to save more time Bored of having so much time, worried of how to spend it, he invented more technology to kill time And he thought how advanced this all was The wheel is still spinning"