Caught in The Past

Common Man: Why are things always scheduled to happen in the future in our society? Why is it always tomorrow?
Do we always have to wait for leaders to solve our daily problems? In spite of having a glorious history why are many struggling for the basic necessities?

Ordinary Man: Having a glorious past feels proud and nice. We focus on the word 'Glorious’ and forget that it is ‘Past’. We have to work and solve our problems ‘Today’ and ‘Now’- when we are capable of really doing something.

We love to bask in the glory so that we don’t have to act today. We feel great quoting our rebels, saints, kings, queens, reading their biographies and garlanding their statues.

Ideals sound great - it is only the practical that works. Look at the independent nations where basic amenities are a shortage several years after their independence.
Whether you are running a business, an organization or a family, thinking, hence living, in the past can prove to be a big hindrance for anything.

Isn't it time we learn and act?