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Leela: Universe at Play

It is often said “Perform your actions without thinking about its fruits”. But is it practically possible to do so every day? It's our natural tendency to look for the reward even before we take the first step towards doing something. Many a time, our actions are driven by rewards instead of being guided by our feelings and thoughts. After all, it is rewards that matter to us, right? Then why should we bother about all this philosophical nonsense? You hit a stone on a wall and it comes back, throw it in a river and it sinks or throw the same stone high up in the sky and it falls back on the earth. Every action has a consequence in this world we see around us, which is the fruit of any and every action we perform. Every consequence is well governed by laws, some of which we are aware and some not. Nothing is random. This means, there is no need to think about the reward or fruit which is then a natural consequence. Focus all your energies on the action and do it with u

Upcoming Story | The Dancing Nomad

"Live every moment,  swirling like a Darwesh,  breathing in everything around,  breathing out the dark you,  swallowing the purple of ecstasy." image courtesy: Mikel Aprobert on Pinterest

Poems on the Mother Goddess

Poems can be deliberately written. But good poems just happen and you don't know how. Now that the spirit of  ‪‎ Navratri‬  is in the air, here are my 2 poems on the goddess. I hope you like them. ||  Shree Shantadurga Vijayate  || Poem: The Golden Lotus Little did the pond of filthy mud knew that a golden lotus be born of it. The golden lotus, newly born, was so proud to have been offered on your feet, hey Padmini, that it broke bonds with its source, and never again was a golden lotus born. Hey Mahamaya, never let the works born on the lake of my mind be like this proud golden lotus, which forget its roots and fail to be offered on your feet. ___________________________ Poem: Show me your feet As a mother you nourished my soul through unending grace, Suckling on your abundant milk Made my body able to realise your mystery As an ignorant infant, My feet kicked your glowing skin Which you absorbed with an unending smile As I grew up

Poem: Why not your father?

Where do our fathers hide, when it comes to writing what they mean to us, if they do? What does your Paa/Daddy/Papa/father mean to you? Share with us one such memory you can never forget. No, it isn't fathers day. Celebrating just a day for someone like him, isn't fair. Here's poem for him. Everyone talks about their mother writing abundant words in her praise. But what about the father? Another unsung hero? He may not be that sensitive, nor maybe even a wee bit emotional. But without saying a word he has been a silent architect of the masterpiece called you. Rarely does a child say I love my father more. It's always Her in the limelight while He stands clapping in the dark aisle with invisible tears of joy. Today I must say my dear Father, when your eyes full of admiration met mine on that tiring day, my eyes wrote the love ode for you.