Poems on the Mother Goddess

Poems can be deliberately written. But good poems just happen and you don't know how.
Now that the spirit of ‪‎Navratri‬ is in the air, here are my 2 poems on the goddess. I hope you like them.

Poem: The Golden Lotus
Little did the pond of filthy mud knew
that a golden lotus be born of it.
The golden lotus, newly born, was so proud
to have been offered on your feet, hey Padmini,
that it broke bonds with its source,
and never again was a golden lotus born.
Hey Mahamaya, never let the works
born on the lake of my mind
be like this proud golden lotus,
which forget its roots
and fail to be offered on your feet.
Poem: Show me your feet
As a mother you nourished my soul through unending grace,
Suckling on your abundant milk
Made my body able to realise your mystery
As an ignorant infant,
My feet kicked your glowing skin
Which you absorbed with an unending smile
As I grew up and the arrogance of my senses
Drew me away from you
You bought back this ignorant lamb with a glance flowing with grace
Hey Bhavani, my eternal mother
reveal to me your feet,
Which my eyes wish to wash with tears of bliss.
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