Poem: Why not your father?

Where do our fathers hide, when it comes to writing what they mean to us, if they do?
What does your Paa/Daddy/Papa/father mean to you? Share with us one such memory you can never forget.
No, it isn't fathers day. Celebrating just a day for someone like him, isn't fair. Here's poem for him.

Everyone talks about their mother
writing abundant words in her praise.
But what about the father?
Another unsung hero?

He may not be that sensitive,
nor maybe even a wee bit emotional.
But without saying a word
he has been a silent architect
of the masterpiece called you.

Rarely does a child say
I love my father more.
It's always Her in the limelight
while He stands clapping in the dark aisle
with invisible tears of joy.

Today I must say my dear Father,
when your eyes full of admiration
met mine on that tiring day,
my eyes wrote the love ode for you.