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The Last Nomad at Shabd - The Book Gallery

It feels excited to share that my novella, The Last Nomad, is now available for readers at Shabd The Book Gallery, Mumbai.

Shabd has become a space for readers in Mumbai to be often visited with its Shabd Gappa - an annual series of conversations with renowned personalities in the world of literature, films, music and social work. It's magazine Mukt Shabd also offers wonderful thoughts on culture and society.

So what if you are in Pune or Bengaluru?
Visit Bengaluru's The Bookworm: and Pune's Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe:

And in case you are a fan of paperbacks, like me, more than a Kindle version, it will be a matter of honour to be introduced in a book cafe/store in your city. Get in touch on Facebook or Email:

What's happening at Shabd? Follow them here:
Facebook (Shabd Publication): Shabd Publication

Visit Shabd - The Book Gallery
Shop No 2, Crest Apartment,
L T Road, …

The Edmund Wilson experiment

The American writer and critic Edmund Wilson said,
"No two persons ever read the same book."
So true, Mr. Wilson! Readers find their own special story in each and every page they read.
Won't it be awesome to hear a passage from The Last Nomad in your voice? Let's prove Mr. Wilson right.

Start here. Select a passage you would like to read (from the nine given below)Record it in your clear voice (a voice recording on any mobile/pc/tablet/voice recorder would do. A video recorded at a beach/park/cafe would be simply amazing.)Quickly send it across(maybe along with a nice selfie :-)) using:Message on Facebook: @thelastnomadindiaEmail it on with the subject line 'The Edmund Wilson experiment | My story in your voice'.Tweet to @insightstories with the hash tag #MyStoryInYourVoiceYou can also share it using Dropbox/WeTransfer/Google Drive to stories will be published on Facebook and SoundCloud. Like TheLastNomad …

Conversation Cards | Let the conversation begin

Here are few conversation cards for #SundayChatonTheLastNomad

Get your steaming coffee, adrak chais and join the event tomorrow:

- हेरंब
Author of The Last NomadSupportNAAM

Join Sunday Chat on The Last Nomad

So the plan is...

After the recently held #TheLastNomad micro-tale challenge, here's a chance for us to meet again.

Join me in a live chat on 11th December between 5pm to 6pm IST(the true Indian Standard Time and not the Indian Samjhauta Time!) at and freely share your thoughts on passion, identity, fear and love. Because, this is exactly the experience awaiting you in The Last Nomad! Join Sunday Chat on The Last Nomad.

So, what if you haven't read the novella, here's a glimpse in one line: 'an intriguing journey of Rahul and Ryan being set free from the identities they have assumed.'

But before we catch up maybe you'll like to watch the readers' praise for The Last Nomad:

Here's what you can choose to begin with:
Tell me about one of your favourite romantic, thriller, suspense or mystery story.
Or it could be a movie or a song which made you pause and think.
And of course any of your experiences which l…

I experienced KAUL - A Calling. Did you?

Understanding any movie will seem to be the easiest thing... only until you watch Kaul - A Calling.
Maybe you'll feel like quitting it halfway, but hang on till the end to have the complete experience. This is neither a praise post neither a review; I can't rate this experience. 
Maybe I can go on talking about unconventional cinematography, sound design and so on. But it won't do you any good. 
Kudos to team Kaul, especially writer and director, Aadish Keluskar, for attempting such a film. Watch it, at least once, but only if you can dare to be left hollow in the end.
The movie opens with Friedrich Nietzsche's quote, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
Not all things experienced can be understood, not all things understood can be expressed.
We danced.
Welcome to KAUL - A Calling!

- हेरंब Author of The Last Nomad

Praise for The Last Nomad

For all your love and support, I just have one word: gratitude.

At this moment I would like to share a glimpse of what readers' say about the book.

If you are in Bengaluru, you can get your copy at The Bookworm or if in Pune, you can read the book at this amazing book chai cafe Pagdandi.

For more details visit these links:
Bengaluru's The Bookworm:
Pune's Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe:

Get your copy online on:

Paperback [ISBN: 9789352684748]Kindle

And don't forget to share your review on Goodreads or write to me on

Happy Reading!

- हेरंब

Ankur Chakravarty's Ethereel: Book 2 is live!

Following the success of 'Ethereel Book 1: Lights, Captura, Action', author Ankur Chakravarty brings out Book 2: 'Hello, Can You Fear Me?'.

New chapters will be released every Saturday, on the his blog here Read Ethereel Book 2

Happy Saturdays to you!

Here's the synopsis:
Three months since dealing with the Company, Ravi is relaxing into his new life, his responsibilities keeping him busy. But there are events at work in the city that he cannot simply ignore. Events that seem to be affecting even the ghosts in the images. What will Ravi discover when he tries to get to the bottom of it all?

Reading Ethereel for the first time?
Start with Book 1: Lights, Captura, Action.

Get your Book 1 copy here: Ethereel Book 1: Lights, Captura, Action

About the Author

"Ankur Chakravarty is also a huge fan of anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics, respectively). Some of his favourites are Fullmetal Alchemist, Rebuild of Evangelion and Gintama. He has also been self-st…