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Poem: Death’s embrace

Voice quivers and words shiver, as trembling hands come together Eyes grow moist staring at the loss and ears are deaf to the gloomy pathos The spectators speak in hushed tones, trying to enact compassion The moment when a beloved dies, escapes quicker than sand Mind wants them back in this moment from the distant land Their touch and laughter, their tears and tales All I’m left to wonder is why now the tragedy befell No matter how weary death seems, I must move on In death’s embrace, life says live on - The Last Nomad Dedicated to all the loving people who have left us, only with memories. Photo Courtesy: Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Poem: In your being

Through your eyes, the moonlight gleams, Through your breath, the ocean heaves, In your embrace, lies the fragrance of the mist, In your being, the creator is unveiled. - The Last Nomad