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The End of Boredom

Alan was in a persistent search. He was working day and night to permanently end the boredom which would show up impromptu. He read. He listened. He watched. He talked. Nothing seemed to be working. Tired of his efforts he sighed and relaxed in his chair. Looking out of his window he saw a new bud unfolding on a plant in his balcony. "What do you mean by boredom? " asked the bud."I don't get it!" "Now, even I don't see it anywhere." he replied to the fully blooming bud. also read: Seriously Sincere

Irony of Support

A giant banyan tree was witnessing this scene one more time. A tiny fragile creeper was growing with the support of a mango tree. Days passed by and the vine started growing. The mango tree which was in awe of the delicate nature of the vine couldn't let go, worried about its future. The struggle began: the creeper trying to grow, the mighty mango holding it against itself. Unable to move against the pull of the mango tree the creeper remained stunted for life.

Recipe for Ego-Free Success

A young successful chef was feeling like a fish out of water. He was considered the best pastry chef in the continent. At times he would react arrogantly to his fellow chefs and this would spoil his day.Although this attitude wasn’t intentional it would show up out of nowhere. In need of some practical thoughts on this issue he approached grandfather. It was a one line talisman which worked. “The best pastry you can create today is going to turn into sh*t tomorrow.”, said the grandfather.

Insight Quotes: Self Discovery

"Self Discovery is the best pill you can swallow It is when you discover that you are not what everyone around said Not even what YOU thought you are"

Insight Quotes: What is Goodness?

"Goodness is like rain drops falling on the mountain top.  They find their way no matter what. After surviving from the world of stunts, fake, free stuff and fanciful, one cannot settle for anything but this."

Mighty Sail, Silly Wind

A sail was put up on a newly built ship. After being at the sea for a fortnight thought it was mighty. And began feeling it could attract the wind by its strength. It started moving by its own fancy leaving the sailor bemused. One day the wind changed direction and leaving the mighty sail empty to enjoy its fantasies. The ship was left stranded facing the waves, the sailor thought all's over. also read: 1) The man who never went to the sea 2) Are you seriously sincere?

The Story of the Nectar King

There was a king who was blessed. Blessed he was with eternal pond of nectar from a sage in the wilderness. He drank from the pond and lived quite long. One day, being ordered by the king for welfare of the masses his minister started distributing the nectar. People were cured, others were healed. Some became rich, others grew wise. Seeing the effects and intent on becoming rich, minister diluted the nectar and started selling it. The effects were reversed.