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Insight Quotes: on Advice

" A ccepting advice,  from one who has not lived it, is like learning to swim from one whose feet have never seen water"

Serious is Fun

"Why are you so serious about everything Dad? My friend’s Pop is so cool. Whatever happens around, it doesn't affect him", Rahul was talking to his father who had come home from office. His father replied, "Often read as bore, the word serious is misinterpreted." "The word stands for someone thoughtful or careful in approach. It means, whatever the person is doing matters to him. When something doesn't matter it is better to not attempt it.When one works thoughtfully, there are rarely any situations which go wrong, which means no cover up jobs. Look around and tell me how many people do things that matter to them? "Situations would be quite different if we have more people like this. Tell me, would you pair up with someone to do things which don’t matter to him? "Serious is real fun."

Simplicity of Line

An art student was learning under a master artist for some years. His drawing was good in the sense of representation. But he wasn't satisfied with whatever he drew. When this restlessness became unbearable, he ended up asking his teacher about it. The teacher was glad that the child was about to learn something significant. "Unless you know the simplicity of line, all that you do as art will be mere decoration. Work on the line, the rest will follow", said the teacher.

The Thinking Rat

The wheel was spinning constantly, powered by the rat’s motion. The faster the rat ran, more the speed of the wheel.  The rat thought it was reaching somewhere. Accidentally, the rat fell down and the wheel stopped spinning. The rat had reached nowhere.

The Empty Glass

Jenny was looking at the two glasses filled with water. One was a large glass and the other small. She thought, "Now that it is filled to its brim, will this small glass hold some more water? Yes, only when it is empty. "Similarly, we can only learn, in the true sense of the word, when we look at everything as if for the first time. Not when we try to see it through what we already know."

The 100 Percent Student

He was a brilliant student throughout his school and college. After having earned his dream job at a young age, he had raised a family and was quite well off. He wondered that night sitting at the fireplace how quickly the years had gone by. He wondered what this restlessness was about. He had fulfilled his parents' and teachers' dream: he was a good citizen, well respected among his workmates. But the thought didn't spare him, "Am I really enjoying all this?"

Insight Quotes: on Transformation

" A moment's glimpse into nature is enough to reveal that transformation is the only constant That nothing is a waste.There's no hatred or rejection Soil nourishes plants and food becomes soil again Irrespective of our likes,  acceptances, knowledge, beliefs and desires,  we are being transformed"

Insight Quotes: on Insight

" T he trouble and misery  in our daily lives  will  stop happening, if we develop this one - Insight"

The Cigarette Store

Some young boys were smoking by a cigarette shop outside a cemetery. A grandpa, passing by with his grandson, quipped, "They seem so eager to get in."

The Good Confusion

There was a student who always seemed confused. Confused about everything he came across. In consequence he became the everyday joke of his class. Unable to bear the humiliation, he dashed off to the headmaster one day. The boy complained about his classmates making fun of him. He didn't know how they were so certain about everything. The headmaster heard him patiently and replied, "You have stumbled across a wonderful opportunity quite early in life. Everyone is confused at some or the other time. And they try hard to appear confident. You can use it now to look and learn out of your confusion."

Insight Quotes: Look

  " W hat matters is to look. And People don't look. Most of them don't look.  They press the button"   - Henri Cartier-Bresson [father of modern photojournalism] the artist

The Rose and Weeds

A potted rose plant seemed a bit upset this morning. On being asked by his friend, the jasmine, looking at the weeds he annoyingly replied, "They just grow anywhere and everywhere. And we have to stay in this pot all our life. We need freedom." "But do they flower? You decide whether you want to be a weed or a rose plant", replied the jasmine.

What is Insight?

A little boy and his grandfather were walking along a stream. The boy said, proudly, that he knew the name of the bird sitting on the tree in front of them. The grandfather smiled and asked the boy, “What else do you know about it.” The boy couldn't answer. The grandfather said that he knew, "without reading in any book, how the bird sings, how it flies, and what it eats." And he is never bored to see the bird again. "How and where did you learn all this?" asked the boy. "Observe it without the labels", said the grandfather.