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Two Poems

Here are two poems beautifully keyed-in by my little brother, Upkar. Hope you enjoy these :) BOLTED I may not be fun But I tell you, Iam as Iam ! Although you may care none A teen I am, young at heart Curious, talented and smart But not in your eyes Coz I don't fit into your notions Of being expensive and cheap I live in my own world One of dignity and virtue deep But not in your eyes In your eyes I am a very stupid one Coz by hook or by crook You know to get your things done But I do not I remain standing Bolted to the ground My virtuousness and integrity bind me there This is what I have found But I want to remind you That if you ever feel sick Of the phoney muck You have gathered around Worry not, you will find me At the same place Because I am standing there itself Bolted to the ground I PRAY I pray... On this Christmas day I pray For a world With a little less work and a little more pl

The 11th Floor

“11 th Floor”, she said with a slight blush as he pressed the button. Their eyes met in the 30 seconds up to the 8 th floor, everyday. She seemed to collect herself together. The empty elevator smelt of Le Bleu de Chanel . “8 th floor”, said the elevator. His phone rang, “Love in an elevator” and he turned it off. Listen:  Aerosmith: Love in anElevator