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What Makes You Wonder?

Harry was about to finish his schooling this year. Reading newspapers, which churned out innumerable career options day by day, he was confused about what to become. At last he decided that he would talk to his father. Father: What makes you wonder? What fascinates you day and night? What do you think of all the time regardless of the result? Do it with all that you have. Talk to someone who has done it. And test whatever someone tells you before accepting it. Harry: Will I earn well through it? Father: Did anyone ever dream that people will spend so much time with machines and gadgets? Machines are wonderful. They are fascinating. But we lose our sense of wonder, which is present from the time we are born, as the structure of academic studies has no or very little place for it. For the question of earning, if you are amazed by an experience and can share that experience through what you do, you will earn well. But before sharing what you have stumbled upon, test whether i

Insight Quotes: The Right Perspective

"Sometimes we mistake Friction for Energy, Noise for Music, Different for Creative and Having More for Progress"

Where Were These Stars?

Pauline and Tina were best friends from childhood. They had met after a span of nearly five years. Tina was working as an IT consultant and Pauline had left the country after completing her education to work as a banker. They had a favourite pastime from their school days: meeting every Sunday night on the terrace of Tina’s building for a chat. They talked about their entire week, about their families and future career plans. Today, they were lying down on the terrace facing the sky. No words were exchanged for quite some time. Pauline: Where were these stars when we met here all those years? Tina: I don't know. Maybe they were here; we were lost in our thoughts.

The giant Angel Oak and Rose

The newly born rose plant stood in awe, gazing at the giant Angel Oak. The Oak was living for more than 1000 years. Rose: Did you grow this big in a year? Oak: I really didn't decide to grow this size. Rose: Then how did you become so huge? Can I become like you? Oak: Being an Angel Oak is what I was born for. You were born to be a Rose. If you grow this size no one will be able to appreciate you. Trying to become somebody else is the cause of all "problems" we face. Facts : The Angel Oak is a native species found throughout the Lowcountry (Coastal Carolina,USA). It is believed to be in excess of 500(some say 1500) years old. The tree acquired the name from the tree's previous owners, Martha and Justin Angel.

Why not to get Lost in Habits

Rick, standing in his balcony, noticed a passerby throwing wrappers on the road. He talked about it to his grandfather. "Why is everyone throwing trash anywhere? Even some educated and well to do people are doing this." Grandfather replied,"It isn't that the man doesn't know that throwing garbage in the wrong place is creating a mess for all of us. The issue is that he is lost in habits." Rick asked, "The habit of throwing waste on the road?" "There was a time when we had natural roads - created by grazing animals and trails created by humans. The things we used weren’t synthetic. The left-over disintegrated into the soil. Really speaking there is no such thing as 'waste' produced in nature. The term "waste" is another human invention. As we have created things that don’t go well with our surroundings, we have to change the way we produce and use things",said grandpa. Related Quote: Transformation Relat

Insight Quotes: Work-Life Balance

"Work-Life Balance seems a great mystery. Knowing that we also(!) live while working will make our work lively"

One Many and More

In an Indian city, a street vendor was busy selling pancakes. In a few weeks his stall started attracting a fair crowd. A thought occurred to him that night, “Why not sell more number of snacks? This will increase my income instantly.” In a few months time his menu list grew. Initially, he attracted quite attention. Eventually less and less people came as most of the items were never available and the food sold was seldom fresh. His business became worse than what it was initially. It dawned on him, “The popular belief 'more is better' is only half true. More is better when you know how to handle one well.”

Insight Quotes: War and Peace

                                       "The real issue is: we are united in war and divided in peace"

the 'FUTURE' business

A boy went on collecting colourful stones and shells as he was walking on the beach. He was dropping each into the bag on his back. An old vendor sitting in his beach shack noticed that the bag had a small hole. The shells and stones were falling one by one leaving behind a trail. Silently he went behind the boy and collected some of them without disturbing him. The man gave him the shells when the boy was done collecting. The boy, surprised, turned around and saw the stone trail at some distance behind him. The old man said while leaving, “When you were busy collecting more stones, the ones you had collected were falling one by one.”

Insight Quotes: Once Upon A Time

"Once upon a time Picasso, Einstein and Shakespeare were children" Read more Related Stories: Who Is A Teacher?   , The Future Business

The Man who paid his Bills

There lived a man who had a grand house and every luxury you can dream of. He had earned this through his intellect and work. Paying bills was all that he had to do. He erected huge elegant structures around to satisfy his whims and fancies. To fulfill his wishes the forests around were used unsparingly. He had the best of everything. As time passed by he lost touch with everything but gadgets. A day came when suddenly the power went off and the gadgets in his house stopped functioning. He was forced to come out and see that the land around had become a barren land. Shocked to see this he wondered, “But I was paying my bills!”

Insight Quotes: on Independence

"Independence is in understanding our Inter-dependence"

Two Fishes in a Puddle

Two tiny red fishes were staying in a puddle. It was a big big world for them. To one, it seemed that the puddle is all there is. It was quite satisfied and felt settled in there. But the other was endlessly restless. He grew tired of it in a few days and was longing to see if there’s anything more than this puddle. One fine morning,

Insight Quotes: on Passion

“PASSION is a fragrance which  nothing can contain"

Insight Quotes: Children, Grown-ups and Love

"Every child doesn’t NEED THINGS  he NEEDS deep love and things can be a small way of expressing it when things become THE thing we have grown-ups  gone wrong"

Insight Quotes: on Friendship

"Friendship is not something we plan and what we plan is not friendship"

Insight Quotes: on Money and Certificate

"Learning FOR a certificate and working FOR money  are the best ways  to deceive ourselves"

The Power of Unlearning

Two school friends, Wise Friend (Wi-Fri) and Intelligent Friend (I-Fri) are having a chat. Wi-Fri: How do you learn a subject at school? I-Fri:  We relate words with a happening or an event in order to understand it. Wi-Fri: Like? I-Fri:  Sugar tastes sweet, chilly tastes pungent, the Sun rises and sets. Later we do this with more complicated terms like gravity and so on. Wi-Fri: Does everybody “understand” it? Not remember the words, like the computer does, I mean “really” understand? I-Fri: Hmm... I don’t think so. Wi-Fri: What makes you say that?

Insight Quotes: Art and Science

"What is the diff. between Art and Science? Art says Experience, Science says Reason"

Insight Quotes: on Success

"SUCCESS is doing what matters with ALL our heart" read the complete story

The Man who Finished Everything

It is long time ahead in the future… Ordinary man and Common man are having a heart-to-heart. Ordinary man: My story began in the year 2013. When I was born,

Insight Quotes: More and Less

"By making someone feel LESS, how does one become MORE? Don’t we stay where we are?"

Insight Quotes: No Job is Ordinary

If we had history "teachers", who had really understood history,  we would not have spent over 1.5 trillion US dollars *  on arms every year. read the complete story *World Military Spending.

Insight Quotes: Intelligence and Ignorance

"Intelligence is seeing our own mistakes Ignorance is denying them"

I Want to Play the Perfect Note

A student of music finally found a legendary Master. Days of rigorous training passed by, but he couldn't figure out the way to express himself through his instrument. One day he went to the master, unable to contain the troubling question anymore. Student: How is it that you play precisely and  I fumble? Master: I have dropped the how. I play. By spoon feeding, the ability to discover by yourself has been destroyed. Everyone is busy telling you ‘How To’. Learning how to operate a complicated machine is a different matter, you need to know 'how'. But now-a-days everyone is telling you how to think! Only when you can think independently you hit the perfect note.

Insight Quotes: on Work

" O nly the hands which have stopped pointing fingers can start working"

The Population Problem

Rajiv and Lisa were coming home from office. Rajiv: Population has become a great problem in our country. Lisa: Yeah. I really can’t figure out where

Insight Quotes: on Smart Life

"It is smart to text LIFE as LYF, good to live LIFE as LIFE"

Insight Quotes: on Thirst

" W e will NEVER waste a drop of water only when we taste THIRST"

Caught in The Past

Common Man: Why are things always scheduled to happen in the future  in our society? Why is it always tomorrow ?

Insight Quotes: Want To 'Kill' Time?

" O nce a wise man invented something to save time They named it as wheel As time passed by, he went on inventing to save more time Bored of having so much time, worried of how to spend it, he invented more technology to kill time And he thought how advanced this all was The wheel is still spinning"

Insight Quotes: on The First Impression

" I sn't believing in 'First impression is the last impression' and living that way silly? Doesn't it mean that the person who is impressed is infantile enough to take someone at face value?"

Insight Quotes: on Learning and Education

" E veryone is self-taught - whether one believes it or not"   read the complete story

Insight Quotes: on Tension

" W e love to live in TENSION as it is FREE! We can manufacture it endlessly If we can clearly see what it costs us, it won't exist"

Insight Quotes: on Meaning

" M eaning is the  most abstract  word" read the complete story

Insight Quotes: Absurd, Art and Speech

" U nderstand the absurd, for significant to happen Understand space, for art to happen Understand silence, for speech to happen"

Inspiration Inside

Bill was on the path to discovering his career.  In that pursuit he had read several dozen books on ‘inspiration’ and ‘how to win’ this, that and the other.  Yet he felt something lacking, something missing. He talked over this with Alex. Alex: What happens when you read an ‘inspiring’ story? Bill: I feel like becoming the hero of the story. Alex: Isn’t that imitation? Look how many around you are behaving as their favourite film stars, calling it their 'own' style. You are living like a 'revised version' of your ‘hero’. And you write 'your' story on becoming successful. Then some other chap reads your story and imitates you. Bill: Doesn't inspiration work, ever? Alex: Yes, it does when it ignites the potential in you. It goes waste if it puts you to sleep. Then you hover from one ‘inspiring’ story to other. Bill: How can I become ‘successful’ without being inspired?   Alex: Telling you the ‘how’ are instructions for imitation. Y

Who is a Teacher?

Student: Who is a teacher? Master: From whom you learn something, though his intention may not be to teach you. He just points out. Student: Why?  Master: Because no one can teach you anything, really. Whether you learn or not, it’s your responsibility. Everyone is self-taught - whether one believes it or not. Student: But there are many who claim to be teachers. How do I know the genuine? Master: He's not the one trying to sell you an idea and make you feel comfortable - as is in most cases.  Learning is transformation – which may be painful. A teacher, sometimes, even makes you feel miserable for you to come out of your cocoon. If you feel happy in someone's company, if he makes you feel good all the time, he is either your friend or a salesman in disguise.When you can clearly see the fault in your past thoughts and actions, even if you feel uncomfortable in his company, you have found a teacher. 

Insight Quotes: on Living in Confusion

"W e handle things  and  live with beings The verbs are often interchanged, unfortunately"   

Where Are You?

Ajay was fed up of solving the algebra problem which was taking so long. His friend approached him to have a chat. "How do I solve this? I am really getting nowhere even after these dozen attempts that are lying in the trash can", he complained. His friend answered, "If you do not understand where you are at this moment, all efforts to solve this problem are in vain. "This is a simple problem, but look how people are exploited socially because of their ignorance. When a student wants to become an engineer, he will be in good company if he finds someone who can stimulate the love of engineering, not a salesman in the guise of a teacher. Look at the problem solvers around us who have made things and events happen. Wonder what our surroundings would have been, if they didn't know how to take the first step. "So when stuck with a problem, use the key 'Where am I?'"

Insight Quotes: on Advice

" A ccepting advice,  from one who has not lived it, is like learning to swim from one whose feet have never seen water"

Serious is Fun

"Why are you so serious about everything Dad? My friend’s Pop is so cool. Whatever happens around, it doesn't affect him", Rahul was talking to his father who had come home from office. His father replied, "Often read as bore, the word serious is misinterpreted." "The word stands for someone thoughtful or careful in approach. It means, whatever the person is doing matters to him. When something doesn't matter it is better to not attempt it.When one works thoughtfully, there are rarely any situations which go wrong, which means no cover up jobs. Look around and tell me how many people do things that matter to them? "Situations would be quite different if we have more people like this. Tell me, would you pair up with someone to do things which don’t matter to him? "Serious is real fun."

Simplicity of Line

An art student was learning under a master artist for some years. His drawing was good in the sense of representation. But he wasn't satisfied with whatever he drew. When this restlessness became unbearable, he ended up asking his teacher about it. The teacher was glad that the child was about to learn something significant. "Unless you know the simplicity of line, all that you do as art will be mere decoration. Work on the line, the rest will follow", said the teacher.

The Thinking Rat

The wheel was spinning constantly, powered by the rat’s motion. The faster the rat ran, more the speed of the wheel.  The rat thought it was reaching somewhere. Accidentally, the rat fell down and the wheel stopped spinning. The rat had reached nowhere.

The Empty Glass

Jenny was looking at the two glasses filled with water. One was a large glass and the other small. She thought, "Now that it is filled to its brim, will this small glass hold some more water? Yes, only when it is empty. "Similarly, we can only learn, in the true sense of the word, when we look at everything as if for the first time. Not when we try to see it through what we already know."

The 100 Percent Student

He was a brilliant student throughout his school and college. After having earned his dream job at a young age, he had raised a family and was quite well off. He wondered that night sitting at the fireplace how quickly the years had gone by. He wondered what this restlessness was about. He had fulfilled his parents' and teachers' dream: he was a good citizen, well respected among his workmates. But the thought didn't spare him, "Am I really enjoying all this?"

Insight Quotes: on Transformation

" A moment's glimpse into nature is enough to reveal that transformation is the only constant That nothing is a waste.There's no hatred or rejection Soil nourishes plants and food becomes soil again Irrespective of our likes,  acceptances, knowledge, beliefs and desires,  we are being transformed"

Insight Quotes: on Insight

" T he trouble and misery  in our daily lives  will  stop happening, if we develop this one - Insight"

The Cigarette Store

Some young boys were smoking by a cigarette shop outside a cemetery. A grandpa, passing by with his grandson, quipped, "They seem so eager to get in."

The Good Confusion

There was a student who always seemed confused. Confused about everything he came across. In consequence he became the everyday joke of his class. Unable to bear the humiliation, he dashed off to the headmaster one day. The boy complained about his classmates making fun of him. He didn't know how they were so certain about everything. The headmaster heard him patiently and replied, "You have stumbled across a wonderful opportunity quite early in life. Everyone is confused at some or the other time. And they try hard to appear confident. You can use it now to look and learn out of your confusion."