Where Are You?

Ajay was fed up of solving the algebra problem which was taking so long. His friend approached him to have a chat. "How do I solve this? I am really getting nowhere even after these dozen attempts that are lying in the trash can", he complained.

His friend answered, "If you do not understand where you are at this moment, all efforts to solve this problem are in vain.

"This is a simple problem, but look how people are exploited socially because of their ignorance. When a student wants to become an engineer, he will be in good company if he finds someone who can stimulate the love of engineering, not a salesman in the guise of a teacher. Look at the problem solvers around us who have made things and events happen. Wonder what our surroundings would have been, if they didn't know how to take the first step.

"So when stuck with a problem, use the key 'Where am I?'"