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Guest post: Two poems by Vulnerable Veil

1. A broken heart

I know you have held me tight from the moment I needed the most
But I shall crash if you take those hands off

There is a hole in my heart which is filled by your love
If you take it out then I may not survive

How lucky I feel to have you in my life
But a fear keeps haunting me that we may fall apart

No reasons I shall have to continue this life
And I may just give up if you walk away from me

A depressing poem that pours its heart out
Of maybe every one that I know around

2. Stronger for the world

I know you are watching so I put a face on and pretend like nothing is wrong
As I need to look stronger for all

My eyes are swollen from the nights that I have cried but I pretend to be sleep deprived
As I need to look stronger for all

My words have deep sorrow but I pretend to not mean it at all
As I need to look stronger for all

When you see me lost, I pretend to be thinking
As I need to look stronger for all

No matter how hard you try, you might not catch me pretending at …

Guest post: Two stories by Shamitha Vokkaliga

Missing days

A roar in the jungle made Devika miss a beat. She looked around and took a step forward cautiously. "Not today God! Please don't let me die today."

She moved ahead, looking around for something. After some hours of walking, she reached a small village. Still in search of something, her eyes looked sleep deprived. Villagers notice and ask her, "Are you lost?" She replies, with her eyes wandering around, "I am trying to find my happy days. I  lost them when I was busy making money. It was somewhere in this place I was with my family the last time I was happy."

The villagers get scared of her strange story. Assuming that she shall harm them, they throw stones at her. Devika runs for her life as she doesn't want to die today, tomorrow, or till she finds back her happy days.

A Rainy Day

A familiar fragrance surrounds Sneha's home. She doesn't want to get up from her bed and go to school but a sudden thundering awakes her.

She gets u…

Poem: There was a time

There was a time When you sought true questions Not the right answers As you do now
There was a time When your feet kissed untamed grass Not the glazing tiles As they do now
There was a time When we talked to each other Not through this intelligent sand As we do now
There was a time When the words you are reading Were not just a poem As it is now
- The Last Nomad