Guest post: Two stories by Shamitha Vokkaliga

Missing days

A roar in the jungle made Devika miss a beat. She looked around and took a step forward cautiously. "Not today God! Please don't let me die today."

She moved ahead, looking around for something. After some hours of walking, she reached a small village. Still in search of something, her eyes looked sleep deprived. Villagers notice and ask her, "Are you lost?" She replies, with her eyes wandering around, "I am trying to find my happy days. I  lost them when I was busy making money. It was somewhere in this place I was with my family the last time I was happy."

The villagers get scared of her strange story. Assuming that she shall harm them, they throw stones at her. Devika runs for her life as she doesn't want to die today, tomorrow, or till she finds back her happy days.

A Rainy Day

A familiar fragrance surrounds Sneha's home. She doesn't want to get up from her bed and go to school but a sudden thundering awakes her.

She gets up in a jerk and rushes towards the door, yelling, "Yay! Rains are here." Her mom quickly holds her in her arms and says, "No playing in the rain. I don't want you to fall sick." Disappointed, Sneha got back to her every morning routine. She put on her raincoat and boarded the school bus.

Peeping through the window, as she was watching the rain make the surrounding beautiful and green, she saw a girl running around barefoot, getting drenched in the rain. How lucky is she, gets to play all day in the rain, she thinks to herself as she is unable to take her eyes off the girl, who is waiting for the bus to pass so as to cross the road.

The girl, totally drenched, looks at the bus and thinks to herself, wish I could be in the bus and go to school one day.

- The Last Nomad


Unknown said…
Beautiful.. The first one was quite intriguing 👍👌
Unknown said…
Beautiful.. The first one was quite intriguing 👍👌