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Poem: Nomads in Love

Let us wander every inch of this earth Like nomads in search of nothing It is silly to gather in this life so brief How much love will we horde after all? For all pleasure we seek is love in disguise And it is never enough to love - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

Mini-tale | Who Is The Sculptor?

There was a huge old rock who thought it was being hit unsparingly, broken down, and snubbed by the sculptor, day after day. Life was going to chisel the rock each day, till all the unwanted parts would be chipped away, to be made into a beautiful sculpture. The sculptor felt like witnessing what life was doing to him and thought, who is the sculptor? - हेरंब ISupportNAAM Meet my novella The Last Nomad 

On the road less taken | The Last Nomad at Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Pune

Maybe The Last Nomad is meant to meet its readers at places away from the obvious ones. After reaching Bengaluru, now the book has been welcomed at Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Pune, thanks to Neha and Vishal Pipraiya (the founders) and Team Pagdandi. If you are in Pune don't forget to visit this amazing place(open on all seven days). The space offers so much that it can't be covered in this post - workshops and events on poetry(including Urdu!), community story telling, monologue acting and even Madhubani painting. And yes, I have heard Mary's cakes are not to be missed at the cafe. It takes great courage and passion, Neha and Vishal, to create such space. Punekars have once again become the subject of my envy. If you are at Pagdandi on 26th November maybe we can catch up. Pagdandi, I'm coming on the road less taken. Ready to welcome at your book cafe/ book store/ reading circle? Get in touch at or on Facebook Stay updated

दिल खोलके | Come, Tell Me A Story

Hi Friend, Are you feeling good? Hope things are well in your life and around you as you read this. Once upon a time being children, we have realised (hopefully) that happy moments are never enough. What is that one thing you would like to change at this moment that would make you happy? This is with no intention, a survey or a study. Share any story, song, picture that will immerse you in happiness in the comment box below. Tag it with #DilKholke. You can even share it on Facebook( or Tweet it  @insightstories( Just thought of talking to you in midst of all the crowd of shares and promotional posts. After all, conversations between friends should never stop. Once upon a time we were children. Happy Children's Day! Feel free to share this post wherever you like. No need to share credit. Sunshine, love, grace are free...the best things in life are. Aaj #DilKholke thodi baatein karle...

Micro-tale Challenge | Update

Woohoo! Congratulations to Mayur Dhondsekar for winning the micro-tale contest. You will receive your paperback copy of The Last Nomad soon. Here are the entries for #TheLastNomad micro-tale challenge. - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

Take the Micro-tale Challenge

For dear readers who found it difficult to spare time writing a lon...nngg post, let's make this challenge little easier (or difficult?). 10 words! All you have is 10 words (at most) to key in a micro-tale and impress the readers. An example? Here's my 6 word micro-tale shortlisted by Penguin India during Tasleema Nasreen's latest book Exile: A memoir's promotional campaign. ( ) Your tale must include the word 'nomad' anywhere. Example: Living as a nomad he let go everything, including love. So, here you go... Visit: Write your tale. (Remember 10 words or less.) Tag it with #TheLastNomad Share it with your friends. The entry with maximum Likes wins a paperback copy of The Last Nomad. Entries close on 30th November. *Entries open for all resident Indians. Age no bar. - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

An Invitation to Connect With The Last Nomad

- हेरंब ISupportNAAM

मराठी कविता | पाहू रिटायर झाल्यावर

अंगणातल्या रातराणीच्या सुगंधात रेंगाळताना, सह्याद्रीतल्या जीर्ण गडाच्या तटबंदीवर वाऱ्याशी बोलताना, कुठल्यातरी पायवाटेवर वेळकाळ विसरून चालत जाताना, त्याला नेमकं वाटत होतं, 'ह्याच निवांत क्षणांसाठी तर सारी धडपड सुरु आहे'. पण मग विचार आला, 'पाहू, रिटायर झाल्यावर'. - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

Filter Coffee with The Last Nomad | Welcome to The Bookworm, Bengaluru

A sk any author... If there's anything delightful next to receiving readers’ feedback, it is seeing even a single copy of your book on the shelves of a bookstore. And trust me; it is tremendously difficult and super delighting for a debut author to witness his/her work in a bookstore. Today evening one such surprise was awaiting me. Thanks to The Bookworm team, finally my novella, The Last Nomad , met its readers in Bengaluru . In a city famous for its filter coffee and voracious readers, among other things, The Bookworm is a reader's heaven. Being an avid reader himself, Mr. Krishna Gowda, coming from a small village near Mangalore started working in a small bookshop on a pavement in the year 1997. Later in 2000 he opened The Bookworm and today is the humble owner of its, 5000 square feet sprawling, third outlet which opened in March 2016 on the Church Street opposite Starbucks. I feel proud not only because my book has been placed besides ones by famous authors,

The Last Nomad | Youtube Live with You

Hello! I'm planning for a Youtube Live session very soon for my novella, The Last Nomad. Curious about The Last Nomad? Then join me and participate in The Last Nomad Live session to ask questions, share your thoughts on the book or simply to quench your curiousty. You can also send your questions (mentioning name and city) before the session to Tweet your questions/thoughts/wishes at @insightstories using the hash tag #thelastnomadlive Watch this video to know readers' thought on the novella:  The Journey Continues [Novella: The Last Nomad] How can this live session become a success? Interested to know your thoughts. - हेरंब ISupportNAAM