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कविता: आज वेळ बदललि

आज वेळ बदललि
हेवेदावे आले ओठी
धरतीही दुभंगली
लेका घेई माय पोटी
आभाळाच्या गर्भामधे
पाणी झुरल झुरल
जणू आईच्या पान्ह्याला
अंधारानेच घेरलं
नाही पान्हा नाही ओठ
गळा झाडाला टांगला
झाडानेच माणसाला
दिली शेवटची साथ
या झाडालाच त्याने
आधी ओरबाडलेल
दुखः झाडाचं वाळल
प्रेम कधी न संपलं
- हेरंब

Invitation for Book Review: Untold Stories of Love

I invite you to review my book of short stories Untold Stories of Love.

About the Book

These are not-so-pink love stories, not the happily-lived-ever-after ones. Here are stories that talk about love as is, no cosmetics.
Happy to share with you my second self-published short stories book, Untold Stories of Love.

Get Your Copy:
Don't forget to share your review/rate the book on Goodreads:
I am excited to hear your thoughts on it.
- हेरंब

Poem: In Search of Rama

Finally we have taken the land
To build His temple
But the emptiness inside is haunting
We haven't found Rama

Of bridges and floating stones
The satiated hungry for entertainment
While many are dying of thirst
Waiting for Him to bless them with rain

Weary of the effort a day will come
When we will call of the search
Laughing at the futility of it all
He will arrive in search of lost humans

- हेरंब

कविता: वेणूनाद

श्रद्धेचा हा बाजार
रचल्या थोतांडाच्या राशी
अगतिक झाला माणूस
हाती लागत काहीच नाही

मन जडले विषयात
शरीर वासनेचा माळा
शाम उभा तो दारी
करी वेणूनाद सावळा

- हेरंब

Poem: The Immortal Man

Life has been really kind Having given this old age to unwind
I have a few last wishes
Before the mocking death embraces
I stay in the falling house
Where no one but I breathe
I wish to dance with my shadow
Seeing her flow on the wall
Sing in the sunshine
To the hoarse crow, one and all
Sketch on the falling wall paint
Paint it with coloured palms Me, you and her Seek happiness forever This is but a mirage, my son That which has been made will be one day undone
As the drawing weathers
And the old roof crumbles
Satisfied with last wishes fulfilled
Alive in the dust I will be
Each one of us wants to be immortal, to enjoy happiness without a pause. This old man having realized the game of happiness of sorrow, happily embraces death in the falling house, his body.
- हेरंब

Time to Act, Time to Wait

There was a strong young farmer who was much frustrated. His field was not giving him the expected yield. All he knew of was working really hard and consequently disappointment was all that came his way.

He would start out early in the morning and return late in the evening after back breaking work. Even after work was done he would sometimes sit looking at the crops as if expecting the field to harvest faster. In his eagerness to see the result of his hard work, he ended up harvesting the crop before it was ready to be harvested. As a result he had to sell the produce at a very low rate in the market.

Low spirited and seeking the solution to this situation, he went to an elderly farmer who without much effort seemed to get a good harvest. The old farmer answered, "My crop has taught me 2 lessons: time to act and the time to wait. Don't act when it's time to wait and don't wait when it's time to act"

- हेरंब

To Company With Love | Towards Making Organisations More Inclusive

With more and more emerging entrepreneurs around us it has become really necessary to question, understand and evolve our idea of an organisation.

People matter and it is time organisations evolve their culture to be more inclusive towards people.
These four articles are an endeavour to share with you my thoughts on common issues faced in organisations and sometimes not talked about being perceived of as unsolvable.

Hope these articles enable you to make the organisation you are working in more inclusive and better.

Get Your Copy:

#corporate #organisation #humanresources #management #creativity #workspace

- हेरंब

कविता: मी म्हणालो वेदनेला

There is no pain equivalent to the situation when your beloved hurts you and wants to stay away. But what does one do when pain itself longs for our company and fears the separation?
वेदनेच्या अंकुशाने घाव जखमेवरी केला
वीण सुटली क्षीण झाला तूच गुंफलेला शेला
मी म्हणालो वेदनेला हाय तू रडतेस का
ती म्हणाली सांग कितीदा दुखःहे नशिबी तुझ्या

होतो नकोसा हा दुरावा जर भेट तुझी घडणार नाही
मी म्हणालो कर वार घातकी तिने स्वतःवर वार केला

- हेरंब

Poem: More Than

Whatever pleasure giving experience we have, we always want more of it. Is there is an experience which doesn't leave us longing for more?

More than your words
it's your glance I long for

More than the glance
to be with you in utter silence, together

- हेरंब

The Crown of Time

He had this habit of stopping the watch by pulling out the crown whenever he reached home and no longer needed it. He did this to make the battery last longer as he believed in living a economical life. But behind this act was a deeper significance he never talked about with anyone - his strong belief that he could really stop good moments in life from slipping by.

That day while repeating this routine of stopping the watch, as he was going through the memories of moments with his loved ones captured in his cell phone , he wondered isn't this what we all do through the pictures we take, freezing time at least for a moment? All we want is to stay in that one moment of joy and to make it last longer.

He gently pulled out the crown and time stopped.

- हेरंब