Poem: The Immortal Man

Life has been really kind
Having given this old age to unwind
I have a few last wishes
Before the mocking death embraces
I stay in the falling house
Where no one but I breathe
I wish to dance with my shadow
Seeing her flow on the wall
Sing in the sunshine
To the hoarse crow, one and all
Sketch on the falling wall paint
Paint it with coloured palms
Me, you and her
Seek happiness forever
This is but a mirage, my son
That which has been made will be one day undone
As the drawing weathers
And the old roof crumbles
Satisfied with last wishes fulfilled
Alive in the dust I will be

Each one of us wants to be immortal, to enjoy happiness without a pause. This old man having realized the game of happiness of sorrow, happily embraces death in the falling house, his body.
- हेरंब


Maniparna said…
Beautiful...the ray of hopes even at the end...an optimistic approach towards life... :-) loved the last line...
The Last Nomad said…
Thanks MS and Maniparna!