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Invitation to Review {Novella: The Last Nomad}

Are you are a passionate reader? Then here's your chance to review The Last Nomad. The book tries to strike a conversation on 'Not all things experienced can be understood. Not all things understood can be expressed.' Please share a few words about yourself* on No spams, I promise! Your review may also appear in literary magazines in India. Here's what readers think about The Last Nomad: Note: Select reviewers will receive complementary Softbacks/Kindle copies. Softback copies will only be sent to readers from India. *: This must include: Name, Address, About Yourself, Your Favourite Book, Review copy preference (Softback/Kindle) - हेरंब Author of The Last Nomad ISupportNAAM

Magic Happens [Novella: The Last Nomad]

'A reader's genuine review may lack the glamour but it has the magic to give wings to your work.' Never did I imagine that I would be writing to you about a revised edition of The Last Nomad, when first publishing it in September, last year. As promised, The Last Nomad revised edition (Kindle and Softback versions) is now live! Here are your copies at a special price: Softback  [ISBN: 9789352684748] Kindle (The free kindle app is also available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC) Why should you read The Last Nomad? The readers' comments say it all. The Last Nomad will be soon available at select stores in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru and under ‘Gift a book’ option. Thanks to Amazon KDP and for giving more power to you and me. Now I believe in the first sentence in this post even more. Of course, this isn’t my single-handed achievement. Thank you guys: Akshay Prabhu, Pranav Prabhu, Karan Soni, Gaurav Dhairyawan, Mayur Dhondsekar, Anjana Khare