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Poem: Just Make Me One With You

No matter what I say
No matter how I feel
No matter where I go
I long to be with you
Just make me one with you

Things come together and fall apart
I can never imagine to ever depart
When things are perfect I'm scared
Come tell me my fear is just a nightmare
Just make me one with you

I like to be always fooling around
With crazy attempts to make you feel we belong
One thing's for certain now I'm sure
No matter what you'll be there
Just make one with you

Poems in general and poems specifically on love maybe the most ridiculed ones: they sound crazy, sometimes idiotic, foolish, illogical and too sentimental. And the funny part being everyone writes them at some point in time: child who loves his dog or broken toy, teenager for his sweetheart, woman who misses her spouse, and someone who has lost his/her beloved.
Now think of a 'high' in your life, it could be a roller-coaster ride, your first date or meeting your parents after a really long time. Were you "all…

Majhi Metro 2016: Another Entry in Poetry

Sometimes, no matter how much ever you try, a new poem doesn't come to you so easily. That night it happened again to this poet, who was took the last Metro from Ghatkopar. Did the poem finally got written?

Find out for yourself in my poem 'The Poem's Muse' which also happens to be my second entry for the Majhi Metro 2016 festival - a festival celebrating experiences in and around the Mumbai Metro.

Here's the poem, The Poem's Muse:
Hit the Like button on the link above if you like it. Thanks! Don't forget to see some amazing paintings and photographs on the site.

Oops! Did you miss out reading my first entry?
You can read it here, Travel One Day

- हेरंब

Majhi Metro 2016: My Poetry Entry

Trains are undeniably the lifeline of my city, Mumbai. To reduce the load of Mumbai Suburban Railway, the Mumbai Metro carries 3.5 lakh people daily.

Majhi Metro since 2013 encourages the commuters to share their experiences about the Metro through different forms like Poetry, Photography and Painting.

Here's my entry to Majhi Metro 2016
Poem: Travel One Day:

Please click on the link and hit the LIKE button if you like it, to make this the winning entry which will also be visible to 3.5 lac commuters everyday.


- हेरंब


Captivating & thrilling!

Just finished reading "ETHEREEL : LIGHTS, CAPTURA, ACTION" by Ankur Chakravarty​!

(Image Courtesy: Adarsh Panicker)

A fast-paced ride in a not so fictional world. One of its kind book which never lets you keep it down without finishing it in one session ( sitting or lying down, whichever you prefer!).

This book has again triggered in me the taste for reading fantasy thrillers set in our homeland.
- Heramb​

P.S: Ankur: I'm waiting for the sequel.

P.P.S: Ankur: Will Subro really get to say more in the sequel?

P.P.P.S: Ankur: What will really Ravi do with Captura? What happened to Miss. Dixit?
That's all for now. I'll come back with more questions.

Get you copies here:

- हेरंब