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Two Poems

Here are two poems beautifully keyed-in by my little brother, Upkar. Hope you enjoy these :) BOLTED I may not be fun But I tell you, Iam as Iam ! Although you may care none A teen I am, young at heart Curious, talented and smart But not in your eyes Coz I don't fit into your notions Of being expensive and cheap I live in my own world One of dignity and virtue deep But not in your eyes In your eyes I am a very stupid one Coz by hook or by crook You know to get your things done But I do not I remain standing Bolted to the ground My virtuousness and integrity bind me there This is what I have found But I want to remind you That if you ever feel sick Of the phoney muck You have gathered around Worry not, you will find me At the same place Because I am standing there itself Bolted to the ground I PRAY I pray... On this Christmas day I pray For a world With a little less work and a little more pl

The 11th Floor

“11 th Floor”, she said with a slight blush as he pressed the button. Their eyes met in the 30 seconds up to the 8 th floor, everyday. She seemed to collect herself together. The empty elevator smelt of Le Bleu de Chanel . “8 th floor”, said the elevator. His phone rang, “Love in an elevator” and he turned it off. Listen:  Aerosmith: Love in anElevator

You are a Mayfly

Have you read about or seen mayflies? They live in a population which matures at once from eggs.  [image courtesy:] And then ... ... for a day or two they are everywhere, dancing around each other in large groups. They rest on every surface available to them. Life for them is intense Imagine doing all you want in a day. We all are mayflies. But as Gautama put it, "You think you have time."

The Flower Man (Tata Literature Live!)

Here's my entry for the Tata Literature Live festival(2014). Hope you like it. Share your comments and vote for me here... The Flower-Man We went to a garden,  my mamma and me I saw a flower,  a flower never seen A flower that was glad, and a flower that was sad A flower so colourful, yet a flower so dark A flower so sweet, a flower that had the spark! So I asked my mamma, about this flower in bliss We sat on the grass, as she said all this This flower doesn’t cry, this flower doesn’t dream When we break it or we shake it  or we kick it or we smell it This flower never dries,  and this flower never screams! And all about the flower,  is that it just is! And the rest is  your dream, boy! As mamma started walking  and I followed her about ‘What did you say mamma? ’  said I gripped by doubt The last thing I saw, was my mamma bent lower As I came closer, sh

chota moo, BADI baat: Make it Lively

"Be sensitive to everything happening around and life becomes lively" (image courtesy: Prasad Sawant)


He had never felt like this before.  He was at peace with the honking horns, crying beggars, crazy shouting street urchins. He was cool with the public transport buses spraying him with the black talcum powder. With the sweat dripping off his brow in this humid September, he looked into the rear mirror, only to meet her eyes. …could feel his every breath going in and out …as if he was deaf to the din around him. Was this the moment he had been waiting for all this time? Should he say it? What matter are moments like this. ...moments of realization.

chota moo, BADI baat: What is Love?

"When two incomplete people feel one and complete "

Why have you changed so much?

Ben was hearing this for the umpteenth time. This time it was his old friend. Feeling that it wasn't the same Ben she knew, Shelly was disappointed after meeting him. “What made you think I would stay the same? Even you have changed, everyone does,  it’s just that you don’t realise it" remarked Ben as Shelly walked away.

The New Recruit

"Do we perform best is worst situations?" It was his first day onboard LISA, fondly called so by the ship’s captain. Being eyed by everyone around, he was the new recruit.  Always having faced favourable situations and proud of his achievements, he never failed in anything he did. The captain walked towards him. “Ever faced a storm onboard?” “Never.” “Gear up, boy. Today, we are expecting one.”

TatvaGyaan: Key to Success

There’s no single key to success. When someone enters the door of success, everyone tries to use that key. By then, the lock has changed.

TatvaGyaan: Conversation

"Conflicts are to be avoided, not conversation."

TatvaGyaan: Take It or Make It

"No matter what we face, there are only 2 choices: take it the way it is, make it the way you want.  Cribbing, complaining and everything else are fillers." -quote dedicated to Saina Nehwal 's victory in Australian Open Super Series(2014)

TatvaGyaan: Prejudice

"Look through blue glasses and everything appears blue.  So is with prejudice" Read on IPAD

The Last Pancake

Satish was a pancake seller. He was singled out by his fellow tradesmen in the alley as he kept to himself, the real reason being a disfigured face. He had meager profits and ate 1 or 2 leftover pancakes as he lived alone. One day a family of street beggars went pass the stall. The children started wailing and throwing hunger tantrums. “Give me pancakes for rupees 15” said the irritated mother. Satish counted the pancakes, only two were left. A single pancake was for rupees 15. He divided a pancake and gave it to the 2 children. The children vanished around the corner, after gulping down the pancakes, following the other members. Now, a boy of 5 with a pockmarked face in tattered clothes, who apparently belonged to the recent visitors, came near the stall. He eyed the display counter with a hungry look. Satish as if having seen himself in a mirror gave him the last pancake with a mug of water.

What's a Good Story?

"Good stories are natural. They become a part of you." {download & share}

TatvaGyaan: Pickle Political

"Politics is  less  of what is said and more  of what isn't."

TatvaGyaan: Living on the Edge

We are all searching for comfort, knowing somewhere at the back of our mind { wherever it may be ;) } that every moment we are living on the edge, literally. ps: the earth has infinite edges TatvaGyaan expounds the philosophical view of ordinary life and facts

The Throttle

The gulmohar trees on the road were blooming in the hot summer. Narayan was learning to drive a car. He couldn't control the vehicle; not being able to decide when to let go the throttle. The moment he accelerated the car, in excitement, he had to restrain speed and the other way round. The instructor said with an amused look, “What makes one a better driver is control over the throttle and not letting go, as is widely believed.” Read here about the  The Prophet of Modern India in Gautam Ghosh 's The Prophet of Modern India: A Biography of Swami Vivekananda "His teachings continue to be relevant today, especially in the light of the prevailing intolerance and fanaticism in the country, and the increasing turmoil in the world"


Greetings!!! A BIG Thank You to all readers of this blog for coming to this space regularly and helping it achieve a good following. This blog started with the few short stories I wrote in my college days and leisure time. Combining the stories with quotes from everyday life was how it progressed. The tone and style of the stories has changed over time, new attempts made. After all, EVERY single reader matters. A special thanks to fellow blogger friends at  IndiBlogger  network. Enjoy Writing! More fun to come. Warm Regards, Heramb

Strong Roots

"A plant  which wants to grow real strong nourishes  its roots  deep  inside  the  earth’s  bosom"

Ronu and the Chai shop #Vote4Children

It was summer time. Ronu, studying in a primary school class, was filling an old cotton bag with his school books to be given to the old paper mart. His father was lying on the couch, with drying stains on his t-shirt of the mango enjoyed minutes earlier, watching a cricket match. Mother was coaxing him to go and vote.  To which he replied, “What difference will a single vote make?” and carried on his business. Ronu couldn't understand why she was making a fuss. All his attention was set on thinking about the pocket money he would earn from the old books. On his way to the shop he saw an overlooked sight: a boy his age serving tea, cleaning tables and the floor. He felt some strange churning within. After a brief pause he signalled the boy to come out through rear door of the shop. Ronu kept the books in his young calloused hands. Their eyes met. The boy went to work with unusual enthusiasm. This post is a part of the #Vote4Children Blog-a-thon on Youth Ki Awaaz

Insight Quotes: What is HOPE?

"Nothing dopes like HOPE"

Success Paranoid

Mister A ran a business. The start was successful. One day he thought "What if …?"  He did everything in desperation to avoid the thought. Years passed. His wealth multiplied manifold. So did the list of his medications. Every morning began with a "What if...?" and he would work for days on end to get rid of it. Money piled upon money. So did his fears. He left a legacy of large pool of wealth. And life unlived.

Insight Quotes: Who is a Visionary?

"Visionary is one who knows the potential in a seed. Others eat fruit and trash them."

The Confidential Hobbyist

Varun was a government servant. Obedient but disinterested. Poor financial conditions led him to accept whatever came his way. Today, there was nothing more he asked from life. His family would let him pursue his hobby—after they went to bed. He wanted to live as a painter, an artist. Many years of nocturnal painting added more to the little space his 1-room home could offer— he had to eventually stop painting. Now he continued to paint in his mind. They could not understand why he went out at times carrying his framed canvas paintings and come home overjoyed. They were cold about what he worked on except for the event which happened after some trips with his paintings: they got some cash to buy things of their choice. As age progressed he retired from work and one morning breathed his last. Weeks later his son found unread letters along with newspaper clippings, lying in a briefcase on the attic while cleaning it, dumped there after Varun passed away. All letters read to th

Two Roses

Winnie could not understand why the rose wasn’t blooming. It was nearly 16 days after she had planted it. As days passed she watered it more often. In her desperation she tried different means to make the plant flower: Fertilizers and liquid hormones et al. But it wilted and died in a few days. Burdened by the sorrow of her unfruitful efforts, she sat down in her balcony.In a corner of the bungalow compound a tiny wild rose was blooming, unattended.

The Maze

Today’s maze was very interesting. Robin could have easily solved it in a matter of few minutes expect for the one trouble: he was stuck in the middle. For the last 12 minutes. He was a fan of these newspaper mazes. However, now he didn't know where to move. He went to his mother but she was seldom interested in them. She said, “The way out is simple. To reach somewhere, start at the beginning or the end. The middle way leads everywhere.”

The End of Boredom

Alan was in a persistent search. He was working day and night to permanently end the boredom which would show up impromptu. He read. He listened. He watched. He talked. Nothing seemed to be working. Tired of his efforts he sighed and relaxed in his chair. Looking out of his window he saw a new bud unfolding on a plant in his balcony. "What do you mean by boredom? " asked the bud."I don't get it!" "Now, even I don't see it anywhere." he replied to the fully blooming bud. also read: Seriously Sincere

Irony of Support

A giant banyan tree was witnessing this scene one more time. A tiny fragile creeper was growing with the support of a mango tree. Days passed by and the vine started growing. The mango tree which was in awe of the delicate nature of the vine couldn't let go, worried about its future. The struggle began: the creeper trying to grow, the mighty mango holding it against itself. Unable to move against the pull of the mango tree the creeper remained stunted for life.

Recipe for Ego-Free Success

A young successful chef was feeling like a fish out of water. He was considered the best pastry chef in the continent. At times he would react arrogantly to his fellow chefs and this would spoil his day.Although this attitude wasn’t intentional it would show up out of nowhere. In need of some practical thoughts on this issue he approached grandfather. It was a one line talisman which worked. “The best pastry you can create today is going to turn into sh*t tomorrow.”, said the grandfather.

Insight Quotes: Self Discovery

"Self Discovery is the best pill you can swallow It is when you discover that you are not what everyone around said Not even what YOU thought you are"

Insight Quotes: What is Goodness?

"Goodness is like rain drops falling on the mountain top.  They find their way no matter what. After surviving from the world of stunts, fake, free stuff and fanciful, one cannot settle for anything but this."

Mighty Sail, Silly Wind

A sail was put up on a newly built ship. After being at the sea for a fortnight thought it was mighty. And began feeling it could attract the wind by its strength. It started moving by its own fancy leaving the sailor bemused. One day the wind changed direction and leaving the mighty sail empty to enjoy its fantasies. The ship was left stranded facing the waves, the sailor thought all's over. also read: 1) The man who never went to the sea 2) Are you seriously sincere?

The Story of the Nectar King

There was a king who was blessed. Blessed he was with eternal pond of nectar from a sage in the wilderness. He drank from the pond and lived quite long. One day, being ordered by the king for welfare of the masses his minister started distributing the nectar. People were cured, others were healed. Some became rich, others grew wise. Seeing the effects and intent on becoming rich, minister diluted the nectar and started selling it. The effects were reversed.

Seriously Sincere

I met a sculptor serious night and day Sculpture for him was a silly piece of clay His idols dull with perfection looked with dismay A lump of clay that day inspired his play He poked it here and shaped it there He touched, felt and let it respond He lost dull perfection in that moment of reception Grim seriousness became sincere Try #5 Star Andar Seriousness Bahar This post is also an entry to #CONDITIONSERIOUSHAI contest of IndiBlogger Enjoy the New Cadbury 5 Star ad - #ConditionSeriousHai

Empty RACE

The clock said five. One fine evening 10 guys were seen running on a parched road. They ran for miles, one behind another. Some more time passed before the last two runners became weary. The last one asked, “Why are we running?” The 9th one said, “May be there’s a prize at the end. Why did you get in?” “Because I saw you 9 guys running” said the last one. The question passed to the second one. “I want to be 2nd in the race” replied he. “Which race are you talking about?” asked the first one as they were the only two who continued to run. “Is there no race,you mean, no prize? Why are you running?” asked the stunned second. “Because I like to,everyday” said the lead as he continued. The second one stopped and sat on a bench nearby. Therein came a smart looking man who had heard the conversation. He asked, “You look well built like an athlete. Do you want to run the mega-marathon tomorrow? Be here at five. Here are the passes - only Rupees Fifty.” The flattered guy boug


Robin couldn’t believe his eyes that day. It was a strange sight indeed. Three old monks were walking on water unaware. This river was called ‘Rubusu’- a local word for “strange water”. Many mystical happenings were reported around Rubusu. The monks were cheerful as usual thanking the Supreme Being for a wonderful new day. Robin was worried about the monks falling in water. They had already crossed half breadth of the river. Robin shouted, “Quickly get to the banks. You are walking on water.” “Is it?” said the nervous monks in unison and “Plop!” laughed the river as they sank in.

Simply Simple

Alex:  What is simple? Faber:  Whether in writing, speech or elsewhere we mistake the use of things we don’t understand to be profound. Alex:  Yes, I too thought like that! Then it was clear that I am garnishing what I don’t know. Faber: That is a wonderful discovery. It shakes you completely. Alex: So simple is that beyond which nothing can be said. The question disappears when simple appears.

Insight Quotes: Question and Answer

"Inherent in every Q uestion is its A nswer"

Fact and Fiction: Farm and the farmHouse

"We live in an age  where we have  more  farmhouses  than farms and farmers" pure Fact: Farmhouse - a house attached to a farm, especially the main house in which the farmer lives


Few days ago, when Ivan went to a trek, he came to know about an incident which was narrated to him by a local. A group of college friends had come to the same place for a one day trek. Everyone was eager to see the view from the mountain top. All the students started walking quickly to reach the top except one. Soon, the other students went ahead of this boy. He was walking merrily at his own pace. After some time everyone reached the top. Some locals who were present there asked whether they had seen the valley of flowers. One of the boys replied, “There was no such valley on our way. What are you talking about?” The boy who arrived later said that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced.

The Field and the Dictionary

Rahul had a problem. He had a problem and he knew the solution for it. But the solution wasn't working. He talked to his father about it. He replied, "All problems we have known and will face can be formed from the dictionary. All solutions we will ever need can be framed from the dictionary. But reading a dictionary doesn't work. The solution you know is a sentence you have read somewhere. It is work in the field which yields crop and not sitting in the farmhouse."

And they said, “YOU CAN’T DO IT”

You started walking one step at a time. At some odd moment you were fed with the idea of perfection and heaven crashed. All the joy sank. Look at the way children plant plants. And look at some 'expert' doing it. The ‘idea’ of perfection is killing whatever we do, leaving behind a dry orange for you to eat. Any moment anyone tells you “You can’t do it”, play it. Play with it. 

Insight Quotes: WHAT IS nEW

What is new? . . . Every Moment But we  think it is  like the one previous


There comes a time when nothing makes sense, nothing whatsoever. Everyone seems talking rubbish. Mihir was in such trouble today. He couldn’t stand the sight of anyone. He couldn’t listen to anyone. He talked to his friend. The friend laughed and said, “Everyone around is trying to make their OWN sense out of everyday things. Which is the way THEY want things to be, rather than the way THINGS should be. You are doing the same. So, your sense is head-on with everybody else’s. When you don’t try to make YOUR own sense, everything will fall in place.”

Insight Quotes: on Words

"Trying to explain everything through words is like talking about taste"

Right Question, Wrong Answer. Wrong Question, Right Answer

Our ability to ask the Right Question will make a difference. Some may say, "There is no such thing as a wrong question!" Well, let’s find out. Jimmy was caught in the habit of asking 'how' for everything he came across. He had been told, "You should keep on enquiring" and he took it literally. “Well, what harm can questions do?” he thought. Jammy, his elder brother, decided to teach him a lesson. That day Jammy brought Jimmy to the sea shore at noon. It was a hot summer day. Jammy was being battered by endless questions. Within a few minutes Jimmy started feeling parched. Jammy noticed this and ignored him. The flow of questions slowed down. After some time Jimmy could not bear his thirst. He ran to the shack nearby and quenched his thirst with little water he found there. Jammy noticed some change in him. “It seems you have stumbled upon something. Asking a question which doesn’t matter is like carrying lot of water when there is fresh water

Insight Quotes: Perfection

"Beginning with the idea of perfection is a sure way to incomplete expression'

The Role of Relation in Anything and Everything

Maurice was completing a drawing exercise at his desk. He had joined art class last semester. Considering the short span his progress was remarkable. He was facing a strange situation today. He went to talk to his dad about it. Maurice: I can draw eyes, nose, lips, hairs, ears pretty well. But somehow the face doesn't seem as one. It looks patchy. I don’t know why. I have wasted several sheets over this. I can’t figure out a way. Dad: It is simple. Do you want to hear the secret? Maurice: I’m desperate for it! Dad: You are drawing the parts perfectly. There’s nothing wrong in perfection. But you are drawing them perfect independent of one another. They have to be in relation with one another if the face needs to look good.