The Flower Man (Tata Literature Live!)

Here's my entry for the Tata Literature Live festival(2014).
Hope you like it.
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The Flower-Man

We went to a garden, 
my mamma and me

I saw a flower, 
a flower never seen

A flower that was glad,
and a flower that was sad

A flower so colourful,
yet a flower so dark

A flower so sweet,
a flower that had the spark!

So I asked my mamma,
about this flower in bliss

We sat on the grass,
as she said all this

This flower doesn’t cry,
this flower doesn’t dream

When we break it or we shake it 
or we kick it or we smell it

This flower never dries, 
and this flower never screams!

And all about the flower, 
is that it just is!

And the rest is 
your dream, boy!

As mamma started walking 
and I followed her about

‘What did you say mamma? ’ 
said I gripped by doubt

The last thing I saw,
was my mamma bent lower

As I came closer,
she became the flower

There was no mamma,
nor any flower

Coz four years ago,
my mamma was gone!

As was the flower,
never seen from the next dawn

Now when I walk,
in the garden again

I ask everyone,
have you seen the flower?

They give me a look,
as if I’m insane

And call me,
the Flower-man