Right Question, Wrong Answer. Wrong Question, Right Answer

Our ability to ask the Right Question will make a difference. Some may say, "There is no such thing as a wrong question!" Well, let’s find out.

Jimmy was caught in the habit of asking 'how' for everything he came across. He had been told, "You should keep on enquiring" and he took it literally. “Well, what harm can questions do?” he thought.
Jammy, his elder brother, decided to teach him a lesson.

That day Jammy brought Jimmy to the sea shore at noon. It was a hot summer day. Jammy was being battered by endless questions. Within a few minutes Jimmy started feeling parched. Jammy noticed this and ignored him.

The flow of questions slowed down. After some time Jimmy could not bear his thirst.
He ran to the shack nearby and quenched his thirst with little water he found there.

Jammy noticed some change in him. “It seems you have stumbled upon something. Asking a question which doesn’t matter is like carrying lot of water when there is fresh water around. After some time the load of stored water becomes unbearable, it becomes stale and can’t quench your thirst. Finally, you have to throw it away.”

So what is a right question? Right Question is a properly framed want. Otherwise we can keep on enquiring…