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TatvaGyaan: Living on the Edge

We are all searching for comfort, knowing somewhere at the back of our mind { wherever it may be ;) } that every moment we are living on the edge, literally. ps: the earth has infinite edges TatvaGyaan expounds the philosophical view of ordinary life and facts

The Throttle

The gulmohar trees on the road were blooming in the hot summer. Narayan was learning to drive a car. He couldn't control the vehicle; not being able to decide when to let go the throttle. The moment he accelerated the car, in excitement, he had to restrain speed and the other way round. The instructor said with an amused look, “What makes one a better driver is control over the throttle and not letting go, as is widely believed.” Read here about the  The Prophet of Modern India in Gautam Ghosh 's The Prophet of Modern India: A Biography of Swami Vivekananda "His teachings continue to be relevant today, especially in the light of the prevailing intolerance and fanaticism in the country, and the increasing turmoil in the world"


Greetings!!! A BIG Thank You to all readers of this blog for coming to this space regularly and helping it achieve a good following. This blog started with the few short stories I wrote in my college days and leisure time. Combining the stories with quotes from everyday life was how it progressed. The tone and style of the stories has changed over time, new attempts made. After all, EVERY single reader matters. A special thanks to fellow blogger friends at  IndiBlogger  network. Enjoy Writing! More fun to come. Warm Regards, Heramb

Strong Roots

"A plant  which wants to grow real strong nourishes  its roots  deep  inside  the  earth’s  bosom"

Ronu and the Chai shop #Vote4Children

It was summer time. Ronu, studying in a primary school class, was filling an old cotton bag with his school books to be given to the old paper mart. His father was lying on the couch, with drying stains on his t-shirt of the mango enjoyed minutes earlier, watching a cricket match. Mother was coaxing him to go and vote.  To which he replied, “What difference will a single vote make?” and carried on his business. Ronu couldn't understand why she was making a fuss. All his attention was set on thinking about the pocket money he would earn from the old books. On his way to the shop he saw an overlooked sight: a boy his age serving tea, cleaning tables and the floor. He felt some strange churning within. After a brief pause he signalled the boy to come out through rear door of the shop. Ronu kept the books in his young calloused hands. Their eyes met. The boy went to work with unusual enthusiasm. This post is a part of the #Vote4Children Blog-a-thon on Youth Ki Awaaz

Insight Quotes: What is HOPE?

"Nothing dopes like HOPE"