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You are a Mayfly

Have you read about or seen mayflies? They live in a population which matures at once from eggs.  [image courtesy:]

And then ... ... for a day or two they are everywhere, dancing around each other in large groups. They rest on every surface available to them.
Life for them is intense Imagine doing all you want in a day. We all are mayflies.
But as Gautama put it, "You think you have time."

The Flower Man (Tata Literature Live!)

Here's my entry for the Tata Literature Live festival(2014).
Hope you like it.
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The Flower-Man
We went to a garden,  my mamma and me
I saw a flower,  a flower never seen
A flower that was glad, and a flower that was sad
A flower so colourful, yet a flower so dark
A flower so sweet, a flower that had the spark!
So I asked my mamma, about this flower in bliss
We sat on the grass, as she said all this
This flower doesn’t cry, this flower doesn’t dream
When we break it or we shake it  or we kick it or we smell it
This flower never dries,  and this flower never screams!
And all about the flower,  is that it just is!
And the rest is  your dream, boy!

As mamma started walking  and I followed her about