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Story for Kids in Mumbai Times | गंपू आणि तारे

मुलांना नकळतपणे अनेक प्रकारच्या भेदभावांना सामोरं जावं लागतं. त्यांचा मनात मुळात कोणताही भेदभाव नसताना त्यांच्यावर काही गोष्टी लादल्या जातात. घरी आणि शाळेत याबद्दल आई वडील किंवा शिक्षक मुलांच्या मनातल्या गोंधळाच निरसन करू शकत नाहीत. आपण त्यांना अनेक थातूर मातुर उत्तरं देऊन वेळ मारून नेतो.

As children grow up, they come face to face with certain situations which they are kept away from and not talked about at home. One of them is discrimination, be it of any kind. Here's a story of how Gampu's father talks to him about it and helps make his friendship stronger.

Glad to share with you my 2nd story for kids published in today's Mumbai Times(a supplement of Maharashtra Times). Do read it for your tiny tots.

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- हेरंब

Poem: Two Ships

Alone they sailed
On the sea of despair
Through the mist of doubt
In the moonless nights of fear

Today the stubborn sea is calm
And the mist has fled away
As two ships meet at the horizon
In the glittering warm waters of love

- हेरंब