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What’s the Guarantee?

Some people are one of a kind to an extent that even their family members and friends are scared to approach them. You never know what they will come up with at any moment of the day. Hancy, yes the same Hancy who owned the jewellery shop on the 5th Street, was one such person. Guarantee was his repelling word, he would ask for the guarantee of anything and everything you cannot imagine. I know you won’t believe what Hancy did that night, but everyone was proud of him since that incident. It was closing time and as usual Hancy was busy tallying accounts from the cashier. In a spur of the moment someone broke into the shop and shut off the lights. Hancy and the cashier went straight down on the floor to save their lives. Here’s the conversation between Hancy and the robber. “Lie still on the floor... Don’t try play smart... And you there, fill in this bag with all the jewellery and cash. I give you 5 minutes.” The robber was extremely swift. The cashier followed the robber’s ins

Untold Stories of Love | My 2nd Self-Published Book

Happy Valentine's Day! These are not-so-pink love stories, not the happily-lived-ever-after ones. Here are stories that talk about love as is, no cosmetics. Happy to share with you my second self-published short stories book, Untold Stories of Love. Get Your Copy(Free): Don't forget to share your review/rate the book on Goodreads: - हेरंब ISupportNAAM

Break the Writing Myth: Planned Writing vs. Inspired Writing?

This can really be a topic of endless debate: "Can writing be studied or are writers born?" Both are true in their own contexts. "I don't think I can write better. No matter what I do, that moment of inspiration never comes to me. Maybe writing is not for me." Many writers have given up on writing after encountering such thoughts and succumbing to them. Inspiration in writing is not 24/7, otherwise no one will be ever able to complete what he/she has been inspired to write. Inspiration is like a seed which must be sown, watered and manured with planned efforts. And what are these planned efforts? All elements that constitute the structure of writing: reading (classics & contemporary), listening, grammar (which itself is a vast topic), learning and practising different styles of writing, creative writing, participating in workshops/seminars etc. So if you are planning to discontinue writing just because inspiration is not coming your way, think

Blogger's Crisis | I can't think of the next blog post

What to do when you can't think about the next blog post? Here's a small trick which works. Follow these steps (as is): 1) Keep the writing pad/laptop/tablet/iPad/mobile phone aside. Turn off the internet on all these devices. 2) Take any blank paper(ruled/unruled). 3) Now open that favourite pen of yours or a nicely sharpened pencil. Keep the eraser aside, we don't need it. 4) Make a mark (dot, line, circle, square, amaoeba shape, anything). 5) Try to copy the previous one again beside it anywhere on the paper. 6) Make 6 such marks. Now connect all these 6 marks with a single line touching these. 7) Repeat the activity until you feel completely focussed, not disturbed by what's going around. 8) Keeping our activity papers aside take a fresh sheet of paper. 9) Write down the first word that comes to your mind, for e.g. cars, gadgets, books, mobiles etc. 10) Write down the second word you think of immediately. For e.g. Mobile -> Office 11) W