Blogger's Crisis | I can't think of the next blog post

What to do when you can't think about the next blog post?

Here's a small trick which works.

Follow these steps (as is):

1) Keep the writing pad/laptop/tablet/iPad/mobile phone aside. Turn off the internet on all these devices.

2) Take any blank paper(ruled/unruled).

3) Now open that favourite pen of yours or a nicely sharpened pencil. Keep the eraser aside, we don't need it.

4) Make a mark (dot, line, circle, square, amaoeba shape, anything).

5) Try to copy the previous one again beside it anywhere on the paper.

6) Make 6 such marks. Now connect all these 6 marks with a single line touching these.

7) Repeat the activity until you feel completely focussed, not disturbed by what's going around.

8) Keeping our activity papers aside take a fresh sheet of paper.

9) Write down the first word that comes to your mind, for e.g. cars, gadgets, books, mobiles etc.

10) Write down the second word you think of immediately. For e.g. Mobile -> Office

11) Write down 2 more such words. Mobile -> Office -> Productivity -> Apps

12) Your are ready to work on your next blog post: "5 Mobile Apps for boosting productivity at office."

Would love to hear your thoughts. Keeping blogging!

- हेरंब