What’s the Guarantee?

Some people are one of a kind to an extent that even their family members and friends are scared to approach them. You never know what they will come up with at any moment of the day. Hancy, yes the same Hancy who owned the jewellery shop on the 5th Street, was one such person. Guarantee was his repelling word, he would ask for the guarantee of anything and everything you cannot imagine.

I know you won’t believe what Hancy did that night, but everyone was proud of him since that incident.

It was closing time and as usual Hancy was busy tallying accounts from the cashier. In a spur of the moment someone broke into the shop and shut off the lights. Hancy and the cashier went straight down on the floor to save their lives. Here’s the conversation between Hancy and the robber.

“Lie still on the floor... Don’t try play smart... And you there, fill in this bag with all the jewellery and cash. I give you 5 minutes.” The robber was extremely swift. The cashier followed the robber’s instruction.

“There’s no use of all this Mr... ,” Hancy said trying to look up at the robber.

“You shut up and lie there.”

“You are simply wasting your time. This is of no use,” said Hancy trying to be little louder and confident.

“Get up on your knees! What do you mean?” Hancy’s thought seemed to have trickled down in the robber’s mind leaving him a little uncertain.

“Do you know that nowadays we have to sell jewellery with a secret nano chip embedded? This means it can be tracked anywhere on the globe.”


“Yes. But what’s the guarantee that the chip won’t fail? So in case the chip stops working, there’s a backup in the chip which alerts the police whenever someone tries to break the jewellery or melt it.”

“Don’t try to fool me! And you there... be quick,” the robber said pointing out to the cashier.

“Ok. Don’t believe me. But what’s the guarantee that you will be able to escape from here? What if someone has seen you breaking in? And what’s the guarantee that the security camera installed outside on the pavement hasn’t watched you. These days the cams are monitored closely. What’s the guarantee that the police won’t be arriving here any moment?”

“Ah!!! You stop your guarantee thing or I’ll shoot you.”

“Don’t be foolish. I have shooting sensors installed in my shop which immediately inform the police in case someone fires in the shop.” Seeing the robber little distracted Hancy quickly pressed the emergency dial key on his mobile which was linked to the local police station.

“What’s taking so much time? Just dump in all the cash quickly.” the robber snarled at the cashier and he fired a shot at the floor. The cashier started putting anything he could lay his hands upon including the stationary and bills. Meanwhile the police were listening on the other end.

“Why did you shoot? The police will be here any moment now.” As Hancy finished saying this a police jeep went past the shop, but luckily didn’t stop. The robber started cursing himself.

“And in case you manage to get out of the shop, what’s the guarantee the police won’t tag you using the GPS chip in the jewellery? What if you are shot in a chase? Even if you manage to sell this and make money somehow, what’s the guarantee that you won’t die before you can even enjoy the loot money? Maybe someone can loot you. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to enjoy this theft. Listen to me and quickly leave the shop.”

No matter how determined the robber was when entering the shop, Hancy had managed to shake his confidence. He swiftly fled from the shop without waiting for a moment. But the poor trembling robber wasn’t so lucky. The only guarantee Hancy had today was that the police would be waiting outside for his guest and indeed they were.

- हेरंब