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Invitation for Book Review

Hi there, My novella, The Last Nomad , has been around for some time. Thanks to readers and critics, it is slowly finding its place in the vast labyrinth of literary works. If you would like to review it, please write at with the following details: Name (Do you have a story behind your name?) Here's what I do (Professional life and interests) Do you have a blog? Tell me more about it.  Would you like to share your review on Goodreads ? Have you reviewed a book before? If yes, which work did you review and how was your experience? Note: It not necessary to have a blog to review the book. You can share it on your FB page or simply email it . To know more about the book, browse through any of these reviews: Lokprabha (Marathi): Errors and Kaushal: Discover more about the book in this video : - The Last Nomad

The Last Nomad reviewed on bookGeeks

'Reading The Last Nomad reminded me of the quote by Mark Twain that “ Truth is Stranger than Fiction ”. There are certain revelations in the book that may leave the reader befuddled. I must also add that the story starts with a very interesting beginning that will keep the readers glued to the pages from the start.' - Parishmita Saikia on The Last Nomad To read the complete review, follow this link . Get your copy today! Paperback (20% Off): Kindle: (The free kindle app is also available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC) - The Last Nomad

The Last Nomad reviewed at Errors and Kaushal

Happy to share a new perspective on my novella, The Last Nomad. Here's a snippet from the book review at Errors and Kaushal. "Sometimes you have aspirations to be achieved while sometimes life wants you to give up what you have already achieved, is there a common ground for both or everyone is a nomad in this life constantly seeking what they don't have?" - Kaushal Mahesh Gupta on The Last Nomad To read the complete review, follow this link . Get your copy today: Paperback (20% Off): - The Last Nomad

Story | Behind the Name

Seven months ago The street was barren except for a fat dog sleeping under a neem tree. Jatin went ahead and kicked the dog hard, causing it to whine and scoot. He clapped his hands with a hysterical laughter and sat down in shade. Jatin couldn’t believe what had happened to his life. The series of events that had taken place in the last one year were far from what anyone could’ve wildly imagined: his two-year old daughter, Shipra, wife, Janhavi and younger brother, Shantanu were buried alive as their four-storey apartment vanished into plain dust. Love, dreams and hope left him once and for all. All that was left for Jatin in the rubble, apart from the crumbled bodies of his loved ones, was his horoscope, old but intact. Out of nowhere, he could hear his mother’s voice speaking in her usual commanding tone, “I’m warning you one more time, don’t marry this girl. She’ll attract misfortune upon all of us. Don’t you know that the astrologer has strictly said not to marry a gir