Invitation for Book Review

Hi there,

My novella, The Last Nomad, has been around for some time. Thanks to readers and critics, it is slowly finding its place in the vast labyrinth of literary works.

If you would like to review it, please write at with the following details:
  • Name (Do you have a story behind your name?)
  • Here's what I do (Professional life and interests)
  • Do you have a blog? Tell me more about it. 
  • Would you like to share your review on Goodreads?
  • Have you reviewed a book before? If yes, which work did you review and how was your experience?
Note: It not necessary to have a blog to review the book. You can share it on your FB page or simply email it.
To know more about the book, browse through any of these reviews:
Discover more about the book in this video:

- The Last Nomad