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What Makes You Wonder?

Harry was about to finish his schooling this year. Reading newspapers, which churned out innumerable career options day by day, he was confused about what to become. At last he decided that he would talk to his father. Father: What makes you wonder? What fascinates you day and night? What do you think of all the time regardless of the result? Do it with all that you have. Talk to someone who has done it. And test whatever someone tells you before accepting it. Harry: Will I earn well through it? Father: Did anyone ever dream that people will spend so much time with machines and gadgets? Machines are wonderful. They are fascinating. But we lose our sense of wonder, which is present from the time we are born, as the structure of academic studies has no or very little place for it. For the question of earning, if you are amazed by an experience and can share that experience through what you do, you will earn well. But before sharing what you have stumbled upon, test whether i

Insight Quotes: The Right Perspective

"Sometimes we mistake Friction for Energy, Noise for Music, Different for Creative and Having More for Progress"

Where Were These Stars?

Pauline and Tina were best friends from childhood. They had met after a span of nearly five years. Tina was working as an IT consultant and Pauline had left the country after completing her education to work as a banker. They had a favourite pastime from their school days: meeting every Sunday night on the terrace of Tina’s building for a chat. They talked about their entire week, about their families and future career plans. Today, they were lying down on the terrace facing the sky. No words were exchanged for quite some time. Pauline: Where were these stars when we met here all those years? Tina: I don't know. Maybe they were here; we were lost in our thoughts.

The giant Angel Oak and Rose

The newly born rose plant stood in awe, gazing at the giant Angel Oak. The Oak was living for more than 1000 years. Rose: Did you grow this big in a year? Oak: I really didn't decide to grow this size. Rose: Then how did you become so huge? Can I become like you? Oak: Being an Angel Oak is what I was born for. You were born to be a Rose. If you grow this size no one will be able to appreciate you. Trying to become somebody else is the cause of all "problems" we face. Facts : The Angel Oak is a native species found throughout the Lowcountry (Coastal Carolina,USA). It is believed to be in excess of 500(some say 1500) years old. The tree acquired the name from the tree's previous owners, Martha and Justin Angel.

Why not to get Lost in Habits

Rick, standing in his balcony, noticed a passerby throwing wrappers on the road. He talked about it to his grandfather. "Why is everyone throwing trash anywhere? Even some educated and well to do people are doing this." Grandfather replied,"It isn't that the man doesn't know that throwing garbage in the wrong place is creating a mess for all of us. The issue is that he is lost in habits." Rick asked, "The habit of throwing waste on the road?" "There was a time when we had natural roads - created by grazing animals and trails created by humans. The things we used weren’t synthetic. The left-over disintegrated into the soil. Really speaking there is no such thing as 'waste' produced in nature. The term "waste" is another human invention. As we have created things that don’t go well with our surroundings, we have to change the way we produce and use things",said grandpa. Related Quote: Transformation Relat

Insight Quotes: Work-Life Balance

"Work-Life Balance seems a great mystery. Knowing that we also(!) live while working will make our work lively"

One Many and More

In an Indian city, a street vendor was busy selling pancakes. In a few weeks his stall started attracting a fair crowd. A thought occurred to him that night, “Why not sell more number of snacks? This will increase my income instantly.” In a few months time his menu list grew. Initially, he attracted quite attention. Eventually less and less people came as most of the items were never available and the food sold was seldom fresh. His business became worse than what it was initially. It dawned on him, “The popular belief 'more is better' is only half true. More is better when you know how to handle one well.”

Insight Quotes: War and Peace

                                       "The real issue is: we are united in war and divided in peace"

the 'FUTURE' business

A boy went on collecting colourful stones and shells as he was walking on the beach. He was dropping each into the bag on his back. An old vendor sitting in his beach shack noticed that the bag had a small hole. The shells and stones were falling one by one leaving behind a trail. Silently he went behind the boy and collected some of them without disturbing him. The man gave him the shells when the boy was done collecting. The boy, surprised, turned around and saw the stone trail at some distance behind him. The old man said while leaving, “When you were busy collecting more stones, the ones you had collected were falling one by one.”

Insight Quotes: Once Upon A Time

"Once upon a time Picasso, Einstein and Shakespeare were children" Read more Related Stories: Who Is A Teacher?   , The Future Business

The Man who paid his Bills

There lived a man who had a grand house and every luxury you can dream of. He had earned this through his intellect and work. Paying bills was all that he had to do. He erected huge elegant structures around to satisfy his whims and fancies. To fulfill his wishes the forests around were used unsparingly. He had the best of everything. As time passed by he lost touch with everything but gadgets. A day came when suddenly the power went off and the gadgets in his house stopped functioning. He was forced to come out and see that the land around had become a barren land. Shocked to see this he wondered, “But I was paying my bills!”