Why not to get Lost in Habits

Rick, standing in his balcony, noticed a passerby throwing wrappers on the road. He talked about it to his grandfather.

"Why is everyone throwing trash anywhere? Even some educated and well to do people are doing this."

Grandfather replied,"It isn't that the man doesn't know that throwing garbage in the wrong place is creating a mess for all of us. The issue is that he is lost in habits."

Rick asked, "The habit of throwing waste on the road?"

"There was a time when we had natural roads - created by grazing animals and trails created by humans. The things we used weren’t synthetic. The left-over disintegrated into the soil. Really speaking there is no such thing as 'waste' produced in nature. The term "waste" is another human invention.

As we have created things that don’t go well with our surroundings, we have to change the way we produce and use things",said grandpa.

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image courtesy: hungerresponse.org