What Makes You Wonder?

Harry was about to finish his schooling this year. Reading newspapers, which churned out innumerable career options day by day, he was confused about what to become. At last he decided that he would talk to his father.

Father: What makes you wonder? What fascinates you day and night? What do you think of all the time regardless of the result?
Do it with all that you have. Talk to someone who has done it. And test whatever someone tells you before accepting it.

Harry: Will I earn well through it?

Father: Did anyone ever dream that people will spend so much time with machines and gadgets? Machines are wonderful. They are fascinating. But we lose our sense of wonder, which is present from the time we are born, as the structure of academic studies has no or very little place for it.

For the question of earning, if you are amazed by an experience and can share that experience through what you do, you will earn well. But before sharing what you have stumbled upon, test whether it harms or benefits you.

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