Poem: Just Make Me One With You

No matter what I say
No matter how I feel
No matter where I go
I long to be with you
Just make me one with you

Things come together and fall apart
I can never imagine to ever depart
When things are perfect I'm scared
Come tell me my fear is just a nightmare
Just make me one with you

I like to be always fooling around
With crazy attempts to make you feel we belong
One thing's for certain now I'm sure
No matter what you'll be there
Just make one with you

Poems in general and poems specifically on love maybe the most ridiculed ones: they sound crazy, sometimes idiotic, foolish, illogical and too sentimental. And the funny part being everyone writes them at some point in time: child who loves his dog or broken toy, teenager for his sweetheart, woman who misses her spouse, and someone who has lost his/her beloved.

Now think of a 'high' in your life, it could be a roller-coaster ride, your first date or meeting your parents after a really long time. Were you "all logical and sensible" at that moment? So it is with poems and love. You can always laugh at them. But they will meet you again.

- हेरंब